has canceled a return request for the following order:

This double speak is in my messages for an order I received today and already marked shipped (for tomorrow’s mail) This text from Amazon is pretty unclear.
The order was in my RETURNS tab, so I refunded the order and marked it Customer Canceled. I also replied to the message asking for clarification.

This note is being sent to you by Amazon to notify and confirm that BUYER NAME has canceled a return request for the following order:
Order ID: 111-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Item: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Qty: 1
Return reason: Bought by mistake
Request canceled: March 17, 2024
BUYER NAME, the information above is confirmation of the return request that you canceled.
MY STORE, you can communicate with the buyer in the Manage Returns section of your seller account. You can also respond to the buyer by responding to this email. For more information, click the order’s “Read return details & order history” link.
Amazon Services


Did you request cancellation of the shipping label to receive credit since you will not be using the label?


Looks like maybe the buyer opened a return request by accident and then cancel3d the request?


That’s the standard language…and IMHO, they are encouraging you to message the customer which I thought was a “no no”.

I actually took a chance the other day because the cancellation reason was “will arrive late” – but I was gonna ship it the next day like normal instead of needing the four days for production time. So far so good, it hasn’t come back.

I just make sure that I mark “Buyer Cancelled” because I catch most of those on the app on my phone. And you have to specifically change it to that reason. On the computer, it auto populates, but not on the app.

  1. Buyer made purchase
  2. Seller prepped for shipping, bought and confirmed shipping in Seller Central, to transfer to carrier tomorrow
  3. Buyer requested return due to “Bought by mistake”
  4. Seller refunded order and marked “customer requested cancellation”
  5. Buyer CANCELLED the return request (Buyer now wants item)

At this point, Buyer will simply need to reorder, correct?

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System cancelled return after OP’s actions …



Makes me also wonder if Buyer saw that shipping or tracking was uploaded and thought they could get something for free not realizing that the Seller still had the package and could UN DO everything without real consequences. Seller is out the cost of the envelope/packaging and label and time. (I mean the paper the label was printed on, not the postage).


The message came before any action from me.

I responded to the message BEFORE I noticed a return request. I have 2 old requests pending for weeks now, so I didn’t notice a 3rd one until later.

I have yet to get a message reply or a new order, so we will see. At least I jumped through the hoops I was given.


Yes, I did ask for a USPS refund. They usually come through. But yeah, I’m out a label.