Has there been a shift in Amazon screening BRANDS for GS1 UPC numbers?

Put the brain trust together and see if you guys think I am totally out in left field with my responses to these similar ASIN removals that seem to have appeared out of the blue today.

I know that IN THEORY Amazon has wanted GS1 numbers for several years now but that was not always the case. I used a lot of secondary market numbers for a long time.

The reason I ask is that there were two posts today about ASINs being removed that had UPC numbers but were deleted.

It’s not clear on one if they were from GS1 or not and on the other one the OP actually did some research (SHOCKING) and found a name/brand issue.

Here are the posts:

For this one Amazon said ‘We have investigated and found the Seller to be using UPC/EANs that are not vented by GS1’


while for this one the OP found the brand/name discrepancy.


My best guess response to both is that Amazon MIGHT be going back and applying their NEW Brand Registry rules to OLD ASINs.

IF I’m correct there is going to be a massive number of ASIN removals.

And, YES, I do love a good conspiracy/Amazon is stupid theory.

The first time I saw Amazon remove an ASIN because of a UPC/brand mismatch was in 2020. I have seen it only a handful of times since then, but it happens.

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The bot which removes UPCs which do not match GS1 does not run all the time, but when it runs it does not consider the age of the catalog page.

It has nothing to do with brand registry.

Like many other sellers, I had hundreds of “second-hand” UPCs I used to create catalog pages, and many of those pages no longer exist.

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So, let’s summarize:

a) One complex and opaque bureaucracy with constantly-changing rules - Amazon
b) A second complex and opaque bureaucracy with constantly-changing rules - GS1
c) Amazon expect you to comply with all THEIR rules, and also with all of GS1s rules.

But changing things like UPCs can force one to create a new ASIN, and lose all those good 5-star reviews.

THIS is why the astute seller applies for a GTIN exemption with Amazon, even though the product has a perfectly good UPC from GS1, as today’s strict compliance can easily become tomorrow’s violation.

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THIS – In the dark ages, I could do ABC with pictures…now I can’t. There are more examples out there, but I totally agree with this.

This last week, I’m getting pricing errors. Nothing supposedly suppressed yet so I’m working on higher priorities…


I have been seeing posts on the forums off an on about listings getting removed for an invalid UPC for at least a year. I believe the solution I saw posted was to create new identical listing with a GS1 issued UPC and then open a case to have the new ASIN merged with the old one, which would let you keep the reviews. Haven’t had to deal with it myself, so I can’t verify that works.

As a owner of UPC’s, yes we do exist. I am not going to get into this other than to say @packetfire is very correct on this statement.

Be it logical, or “settled science,” Amazon will always change the rules, and enforce them as they wish.

It is Amazon’s playground, it is Amazon’s rules.

Happens everyday.

Clean Logic brand is basically being wiped from Amazon.

I guess the never registered with GS1…
These items have been on Amazon since 2013, but are slowly getting taken down