Have never seen this. Amazon refunds more money to the buyer than the order was worth.


The customer wants to send back an extra item received. We tell her no need. She sends it back on her own anyways.

Amazon refunds her $129.12.

The entire order was under $80.

A little pissed the f off right now.

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I think this means the total customer order was for other stuff too, and they messed up and put the whole thing on you. But that usually gets corrected in a few days?

oh wait nvm that’s FBA, this was FBM? I don’t understand the receipt tho.

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Nope, the A-Z claim shows a refund for the exact amount of her $129.12 return package. Outrageous for a box that cost us maybe $30 to ship.

For an item that we said we didn’t want back.

Oh she paid $129 to ship back an $80 item that you said don’t send?

that’s nuts!




Sounds like Amazon sent customer a prepaid return label using priority express or next day shipping and charged you for it?


You should redact the customer’s name from the receipt.

Technically, $84.32 (tax). And if we wish to get technical Amazon (at least the last time I read the rules) should have only been allowed to refund $100% +$20.00 concession for a total of $104.32. But as a counterpoint you are obligated to pay for the return or disposal of unsolicited products that you ship to someone. Just because you apologize and tell them that they can keep it doesn’t waive your legal obligation to remove it at your expense.

On the bright side, you managed to discover the most honest Amazon customer… :grinning:


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The receipt shows the Scale Display weight at 11.05 lb
and then the Dimensional Weight was applied and Charged @ 36 lb…

That’s a significant difference… :dizzy_face:

Why on earth would the customer even pay that amount or not question it?
I guess they figured they were going to get compensated for it regardless, but that is very irresponsible or just plain stupidity on their end. Paying for shipping (and return shipping, no less) that is double the cost of the item; who does that?




I had this happen years ago – I think it was an FBA order – and it took a couple of days, and it was folks in the forum that said take a deep breath. In a few days those additional funds that Amazon decided to refund will come back into your account, and it’s Amazon that ultimately funds this.

Not sure if anyone else has said that, but maybe that’s the case this time too?


I doubt it, the A-Z claim said seller funded. Its in appeals now, so we will see what happens there.

@SawleMill I agree that in this case if the customer didn’t want to throw it away or keep it (for whatever asinine reason) it would b eon us to get it back. However, I don’t honestly believe that means a customer can ship something back in any size box, any shipping method that they want and we have to foot the bill.

This is already a $30 package now costing $130. What if they put it in a refrigerator box and shipped it back. Freight cost $1000. Thats still on us? Nobody told the customer to do this.

My point is that while you are right, there HAS to be a line somewhere. So where is it?

I guess we could just use a vague reasonable, right?

Okay, is a $130 return on an item you paid $80 reasonable? I think most people would say no.


Well, I am crossing my fingers and toes you get that back.

Let us know please!


What were the weight and dimensions of the package you sent her? Did you use Amazon Buy Shipping?
The safety claim option is off the table because you already refunded her.

I’m curious what the return reason was.


Return Reason: Received extra item I didn’t buy (no refund needed)


In all honesty, to me it looks like the pack n ship place saw the writing on the wall and decided to screw us, prob telling the customer amazon would refund her even though that price is outrageous.


The size did not change much and the weight difference shouldn’t matter with dimensional weight. I’ve seen the Amazon return label charges at higher cost than the outbound Buy Shipping cost, but no matter who paid the return shipping the buyer should not get any refund on the return shipping. This does not make sense.

They did recently refund a buyer’s expedited shipping cost for a no longer needed return from my account. It was their choice to pay for faster shipping, that I paid extra for, so they should not be refunded that.
It was in the clothing category and I think that is why I was charged for their no longer needed, but I still disagree on the expedited shipping refund.

I don’t see that your buyer paid for faster shipping on their order so that would not be the cause.


Yeah, not sure how $130 seems correct for a medium size package ever.

Agree that we should never pay for a buyer choosing to return something with a faster service. Their choice.



The outgoing shipping weight was 5.9 lb
24 x 17 x 12

But the return package weighed in at 11.05 lb?
23 x 18 x 12
** Dimensional weight charged = 36 lb

All Points Pack & Ship is a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter, so they charged the sender using dimensional weight.

I never use FedEx, but this is what it says on their website.