Here's a good one.... - Account Health can't be bookmarked on favorites Bar

Had it there since they launched this new dashboard.
I can restore it but:
Every time I refresh or change screens it goes POOF - gone…

Like really Amazon, WT actual F?!!!

Anyone else have this issue? Not happening to my other account.

There’s a bull ■■■■ listing violation for bullet points on there that I missed and can’t appeal. That bookmark reminded me to check the page now and then. Slipped my mind.

Never got a notification via email. Doesn’t effect account health (no impact) but I would have liked to appeal it. Damn!


We can confirm that if you try to bookmark Account Health to the favorites bar that it will indeed disappear from the bar upon refreshing the page.

As a work around, we suggest opening up the Account Health page in it’s own browser tab.


Bookmark the Performance Notification tab which shows violations.


My :woman_facepalming: is for the fact that Amazon can’t sticky that bookmark right now in Seller Central, when it was fully stickied until they messed something up.

But here’s a :heart: for your workaround suggestions! …though having to work around such a glitch in the first place is ridiculous and frustrating.


We never bang our head against the Amazon wall of coding. It is easier and saves time to simply finding the work around and move on.

You can use any emoji on us here on SAS … just don’t down vote us on NSFE … :wink:


I feel the same way.

Nevertheless, I’ve been sitting on my haunches in anticipation of being besmirched by the recently-deployed “illegal” tag - because everyone knows well that I myself deserve it, simply because I’m a bot. :slightly_smiling_face:


No worries! I’m not even on there to be able to downvote anyone.


You know what’s strange. I don’t have an issue on my other account with this. Can I take my pick bc I would rather have it on the account that boomerangs it.

ETA - The other account has it in the middle. The one where it’s bouncing had it in the far most right position. So I added it back, and edited the bar to sandwich it in the middle to see if it would be locked in.

Alas! Didn’t work. My solution seems just dumb enough to work with this broken piece of crap that is the seller experience.


:arrow_heading_up: :arrow_heading_up: :arrow_heading_up:

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But we don’t need to bookmark it because it’s one of the tiles.

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Until it’s not.

There’s a reason why I provision our workstation .wims’ browsers with the ‘simplified default’ URL https: // - just as there is a reason why I modify those Windows Image files whenever Amazon changes one of it’s Seller Central Dashboard GUI’s landing pages once two consecutive business quarters of such a change persisting have passed.

More than once in the last dozen years or so, not waiting for @ least 3 or 4 biz Quarters to pass before updating our .wims has cost me time & treasure - but the percentage of times where it has not is well north of the 90th percentile.


Maybe related - Amaozn Email - EVEN MORE VERIFICATION!
… no, I didn’t catch the misspelling of Amazon. UGH!.

I’ve found updates to the Account Health section.


This is fixed, at least on my end.

It popped up where I had moved it in the middle as a test without re-bookmarking it.

I moved it where I wanted it just now, refreshed, still there.



I’ve never had it disappear from mine.


Nor my other account but others here had the issue as well.



Same here, for all accounts.

Still, largely because I’ve noticed over the years that we are frequently among the last to be subsumed to this or that new Amazon Initiative’s paradigm, there’s a reason why I can’t get Ronnie Milsap’s song’s title out of my mind:

Any day now :slightly_smiling_face:

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