High winds today in southern California

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Wow. Not just the Amazon big rig, plus a plane, and a Disneyland lampost that injured three guests!

Some states close the interstates when it’s too windy.

Hope everyone stays safe!

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No wonder my stuff is stuck in FC Transfer today

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How much you want to bet that a pallet of our stuff is on that truck?

That’s the way things are going lately.


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That happens every year up the 15. When I was working and had to drive it, I tried to stay away from big rigs. The smart ones pull over until the wind dies down.

Santa Ana winds can be very disruptive when they hit the area …

And the 5 up by the Gorman Pass going down into Bakersfield …


We’re in a fire hazard due to winds, but have been daily for a couple of weeks. I didn’t realize how bad it was (i.e., that the GSMNP was closing areas/roads) until we just started hearing and feeling it ourselves, and I found this:

Great, now I have to look for more negative receipts for my inbound shipments.


I just noticed that was a Amazon shipping container not a trailer. Notice the chassis separated from the container. Phwew! I don’t use AGL. Most likely empty anyway to flip a container.


So when they move our stuff between warehouses, they don’t use AGL?

You wouldn’t use a container to ship between 2 domestic locations by truck

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Nope, containers are too heavy for over the road transport. Your typical trailer has fiberglass walls and 4 metal corners sometimes opaque fiberglass on the roof to save weight and for light inside.
Shipping containers are solid steel with waffled steel walls with reinforced corners for lifting and stacking. Not fuel efficient for regular over the road use.


And usually sent cross country by rail …