How can I tell if my Michaels MakerPlace items are getting views?

I hate to ask dumb questions, but this stuff is so new to me. I have a few things listed on Maker Place. And I can’t figure out how to tell if any of the items are getting any views at all. obviously, I have no sales. But I don’t even know if anything is getting searched or found or looked at. Any advice?


You can get aggregate views in “Reports” but stats are very limited. A lot to be desired. I think the stats updates run a day or two behind.


Not dumb at all. There stats tool is clearly lacking. The best you can do is look at the past 7 days and maybe get an idea of what people are searching for?

But it doesn’t tell you which listings and I have seen keywords duplicated (there are often times when I search the same keyword and get two different search results :eyes:)

Despite being featured once (maybe twice??) I haven’t received any sales for a few weeks. I’ve had 5 sales since September with 300 listings.

I honestly have been expecting a lot more because it’s been 6 months and they haven’t really done anything to make the platform better. I do see them spending a lot of money on advertising and there are people getting sales. Is it working as intended? I’m sure that their end game is to get people buying craft supplies from them.

However I’m reading a lot of drama lately on Reddit about the regular Michael’s craft store. When your employees are not happy that is not a good look on the company. Michael’s knows they just need to outlast Joanns (there are rumors of bankruptcy).

They really need to push the narrative that people can make money selling on this platform or people won’t buy craft supplies (Ignore the fact that most people who run a successful handmade business are likely sourcing their supplies elsewhere).

There is a lot of things on makerplace that is frustrating (stats, shipping, shop organization) and the lack of actual updates to the platform kind of make me wary. There seems to be more of a push lately for scheduling of classes and tutorials (because they win when you buy supplies). The responses on Facebook when people ask for digital content now are met with “it’s on road map for the future”. Which makes me wonder if they need more $$$ they will allow it.

At the end of the day, I always make sure my marketing points to my own domain name where I can then redirect traffic to whichever platform is grabbing my attention.


I was afraid the “Reports” page was where you go to find that information. My reports page is all 0’s. sort of like my views on Etsy the past few weeks.


Thank you. I have a lot to learn. I appreciate the in depth response.


We all - always - have a lot to learn as circumstances change around us.

May I ask if you are comfortable in sharing your progress on this steep learning curve over @ MakerPlace?

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No sales at all. So far I have had 10 views (I think), based on that Reports tab. Not very promising. But Etsy just seems to keep getting worse so I have to remain hopeful that Marketplace starts moving.


I have 9 products listed, 70 all time views and no sales. It appears most of my views are from people looking for children’s jewelry.



Can you see what keywords lead them to you, and change those up?


Well, your things look great and they are priced affordably. With enough views you will find buyers. 70 views sounds pretty good. Mine jumped from 12 to 19 over the week-end. I’m not sure that Michaels updates their data very often.


So I got my first contact on MakerPlace. It was a message:


hi, do you still got this Walnut Charcuterie. Gorgeous End Grain Butcher Block Cutting Board. 8 x 14 x 1 inch thick serving tray $89 available for sale ? please shoot me an email @ [email protected] to discuss further cause I will be purchasing 5 pieces. Regards, Mrs. Natasha Roy

03/13/2024 5:45 PM

I forwarded it on to Customer Service. I hate the internet.


:arrow_up: MOD NOTE: We are leaving the names and email address unredacted in @2Whiskey post because it is a common ecomm scam. I did unlink the email address.


I can say this much. Michaels was very quick to respond. Within seconds I got a bot generated reply thanking me and telling me a case # and that I would be notified later.

Then about 2 hours later I got another reply thanking me and telling me that this is an ongoing problem with online marketplaces and they are doing all they can to prevent it and stop it. And then instructions on what to do if I ever receive anything similar along with the most common current methods they use to scam sellers (asking to contact off site mostly).

If there was ever a use for AI it is to develop ways to stop this stuff.


So what is Michaels instruction on what to do?


This is a cut and paste from their email:


Thank you for bringing this over to our attention! I’ll pass this over to our dedicated team for review.

As E-commerce scammers look for new ways to exploit online marketplaces, we want to thank you for reaching out to notify the MakerPlace team of the suspicious message you received. Proactive communication helps protect you and your customers on MakerPlace. The latest round impacting e-commerce websites are scammers asking sellers to sell items off the platform. Often, these scammers are posing as buyers to make fraudulent purchases with no intention of paying you, or to access your bank account information.

At MakerPlace, a small handful of our sellers have had such scammers reach out to them via messaging. In the interest of proactively protecting and informing all our sellers, we want to provide you with this information.

To avoid these scams:

  • Do not reply to the message
  • Please continue to report these messages to [email protected]
  • Above all, complete all transactions in the MakerPlace portal

Per our seller agreement and code of conduct, no seller should be attempting to circumvent MakerPlace sales processes or divert transactions. This policy is in place to protect both sellers and buyers.

If I may be of further assistance, please let me know. I’m here to help!



Michaels MakerPlace Team


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