How do I appeal A-Z?

The package is on its way back because it was undeliverable. It was for a significant amount (for us). I had it insured, sign for delivery. The last bit of tracking shows it’s on its way back. That was on October 3. I don’t want to miss the window to appeal the A-Z.

Is that what I should do? Appeal it? How else do I get my money back on this?

How would I claim the insurance (USPS Buy Shipping), if that’s a better route?

Did they file a claim for INR?


They must have, because the A-Z was granted.

Who “funded” the a to z?

Since you used buy shipping amazon should have. If they did your metrics should be clean.

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My metrics are clean, but they took the cost of the shipped item: $615. I’d like that money back. They probably think it’s coming back to me, but it has been more than 1 1/2 months on a truck somewhere. I don’t want to wait until the appeal window closes to realize it’s never coming back. If I appeal and they see it hasn’t come back, will they fund it?

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There is a way to appeal this. I will let others chime in, but something along the lines of “buy shipping was used and this should be funded by Amazon as per policy”

Also, file the insurance claim

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I am trying to file the insurance claim, but they require an address. I used Buy Shipping, and they deleted the address. :rage:

Can you reprint the label or invoice?

I cannot reprint the label, but I can reprint the invoice. The invoice does not have the address.

this is why we use quickbooks and copy the address for every order. When we were busier I had a 3p app that imported every order as a sales receipt with the address.

Yeah, I’ve learned my expensive lesson. I had taken photos of the item, and I usually get the label in the pic, but I forgot for some reason. The one time I needed it. :frowning:

I am so sorry and hate this for you. $600 is a lot to lose in one blow.

I know this doesn’t help right now, but I do what @Lost_My_Marbles recommends and save a pdf of every shipping label and packing slip, both with the order number as the beginning of the file name. And I will fight about it.

ETA. Oh my freakin’ goodness. I remember googling this address, so I went back and looked at my search history and it’s there!!!. Yay!


Sorry this happened to you. I believe this will be a tough one to fight with Amazon. I think Amazon will take the stance that it is now between you and USPS and if it was lost and never gets back, then it was your choice to insure or not. But it sounds like you are insured beyond the included GA or Priority insurance and I hope it ends well.

ETA - I hate how Amazon has added business hours to Business orders. That’s total BS. It sounds like your buyer was lazy to pick up and changed their mind. :angry:


Thank you. I’m glad I found the address. From now on, I will save a pdf of the label and invoice.

I am in the process of submitting the claim. It has been forever processing, but the window says “please do not refresh the page.” Now, the page will log out and it’s asking me if I want to continue, but I can’t press the button to continue because of the “please do not refresh the page” box. :confused:


The USPS website is horrible. Even filing on the lost mail claim page is sooo tedious and sure to fail half the time when filing.

I finally got through. Any idea how long before/if I get paid?

I do not. I have never filed a claim. I can only remember a less than $50 uninsured item that showed lost and my local postmaster reimbursed me the postage.

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We have had the USPS site say it was approved after 3 days and received the payment within 14 days after that.

We have had the USPS side say it was approved after 10 days and received the payment within 7 days after that.

There are variables for each claim that can effect the payment time but, generally, we always estimate 3 to 4 weeks after the claim being filed before we will get the payment (which tends to be 6 to 8 weeks from the original mailing of the item).

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My package, which had the last scan on October 2, was finally found after I submitted my claim. After it was found, it travelled from East Coast to West Coast, and then back to East Coast, where they tried to deliver it again. Then, it made its way back and I finally received the package. It’s been all over the country several times over, LOL.

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