How do I fix this?

Setting up my variations, and I’m fighting the computer.

This seems so stupid but it’s AI…so I understand that something like (11") is not the same as (11 inches)…etc…even though it’s the same


But I have this in that column:


I finally got the green SUCCESS AFTER I changed the size to “Size: 11 inches”

I don’t get it.

I can’t go in the item itself one by one and EDIT the size to say 11" to match the other items.
That to me is WEIRD.

Then just for $hits and Grins, look at the first column – Product Type. I don’t do candles for example, or dried flowers, or fabric… That’s another whole issue. I was gonna ignore it, but what I’m finding too is that some product types don’t have “size”… Like 10 of my small handmade doilies wandered over to the marketplace. None of my handmade items have a simple “size” for the variation selection. So I had to go with pattern and size. Well, the marketplace lost kids (listings that wandered on their own) do not have pattern and size as a choice.

Then let’s go to FABRIC…I got error messages because I had three “additional features” filled out. Placemats – that’s fine. Table Runners – that’s fine, but because these items wandered over to FABRIC, I got errors and the computer said I could only have ONE. I’m like – but it’s not FABRIC…nope up load after up load, can’t get out of the FABRIC Product Feed…so I deleted two of the additional features and boom…got the green success.


you may now be in deep doo doo.
Once you enter a value for SIZE, it can not be replaced.

Hopefully the 11" was denied. Otherwise you will have 2 variations
11" and Size: 11 inches.

Be careful

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I do all my variations manually. Those templates confuse the living #$*(@#^^#% out of me. I could walk you through it if you want to try and create them manually. Or I could try and create a test one and give you a screenprint of how you’d set them up, if that would help?

Are you trying to create a variation like the rug example I gave you in your other post?


I am sticking with simple size.

I created some of these listings 10 years ago… NO clue I could not amend size.

This is gonna be fun. Sometimes the factory does minor changes… like 34 inches becomes 35 inches…and that seems like no big deal, but once a year I have a customer who complains. So I have tried updating the listings.

Once I figured out the variation pink part, I was like yea! But then these error messages had me confused. And translating the error has been the biggest challenge.

You shouldn’t need to change it, just add a new variation with the new size and let the ASIN with the existing size go inactive.

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Sorry, that made no sense to me.

Are you really saying add a new condition? Like when you create one for FBA and one for FBM, in the same ASIN?

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Are you really saying add a new condition?

I’m saying that if you have a variation family that has a size that’s 13 x 13, and you’re trying to change it to 13 x 14…

The easiest way to get to that end result is to add a new child that’s 13 x 14 in size. Then you’ll have both -

  • 13 x 13
  • 13 x 14

Once the 13x13 size sells out, you can delete it and you’ll just have the 13x14 size.

The system doesn’t accept changes easily, so this is an easier workaround. Once the 13x13 size sells out, you can delete it from the variation family if you want. If you use UPC’s on your products, you will have to burn one to create the new 13x14 child, but as long as that’s not an issue, I think this could be your easiest solution.

Edit: I offer this based on the comment from @Chimanimani that the size field can’t be changed once created.

Looking again at your initial question, which I didn’t entirely follow because template uploads confuse the heck out of me, lol, I’m not sure this addresses your question. It looked like you were trying to create a variation as discussed in your other post, combining several different product types and designs in one listing. If my suggestion isn’t relevant, just ignore it. Sorry…

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I agree with Roxy, that this is an option.

But there is the UPC issue. They can be costly, if you need to do alot of them
As well, there is the SKU issue, and your internal accounting system.
Catalogs, etc

If your issue is that you have alot of styles, colors, sizes, and over the years you entered these fields inconsistently, and now wish to do even a simple variation with those variations field and are getting a million errors. I know the solution.

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My variation family is based on the fabric – not on the size.

The variation is the size.

SO…all of the different sizes that have a green candle show up in one family.

I do this because the customer thinks “I have a coffee table, so that’s the 34” runner. Oh but I also have two end tables, that’s the 17 x 11. And I have this sofa table, that’s the 54" runner" all in the same pattern which is the green candle.

In the beginning, like back in the dark ages and a few software changes by Amazon, the only thing Amazon locked down was the SKU against and ASIN. For some reason I don’t even remember assigning UPC Codes until later. Over time…the factory isn’t precise. So an item can be say 34 1/2 inches for a few years and then that same item goes back to 34 inches. Since it was basically the same item, I updated size. More normally, I ignored the size change and didn’t do anything. Customers 99% of the time are not that precise. Heck, I can’t get them to measure before they buy and then “Oh, it’s too big, or too small” and I’m like 7 inches is 7 inches…a 7 inch doily is SMALL.

The example I showed you all is part of the spreadsheet where I assigned children to parents across all families. Each of my parents now has one child. I have 55 families/parents and for each parent there’s about 13 children. Those children are identified by size.

I hope I’m using the terminology correctly???