How do you get the PICKUP Option?

I just saw that there are two options on a detail page “Delivery” & “Pickup”

Each option has a different Buy Box & Different Sellers.

I do not see us in the “Pickup” section, but we can deliver to an Amazon Locker so how is that turned on?

I suspect it’s a function of participation in the Amazon Local Selling (link, Home/Landing page) Program.


I’ll hold off right now from signing up for another Amazon program.

Not sure how many actually use the pickup option when we can send it right to your door.

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Amazon has heavily promoted the program ever since it was a keynote of Amazon Accelerate 2021, and there are certainly some sellers who continue to use it - but I’ve seen some horror stories about it over the last two years.

I checked, and it’s zero.

(Well, there was one lady, sometimes only, so I tossed her data as an outlier.)

What kind of horror stories?

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Primarily, those seem to run in two classes:

Amazon requirements for the pickup facility being overly-stringent, and in excess of what is otherwise required for compliance w/ Federal, State, and Local regulations (this has also been reported similarly in the EU forums)

The A9/A10 Algorithm either failing to get the Buyer Account Zip Codes which should be eligible correct, and conversely, making some eligible which aren’t actually local to the pick-up facility by any stretch of the imagination (Amabots @ play)

I wish the well-missed @JwsMarket were here; IIRC, he participated, but I don’t recall him mentioning having suffered these same types of complaints seen elsewhere…


It’s fba.

If you select pickup (I was curious) I was shown amazon lockers as the locations

Why does it take this long though? Who would wanna wait to pick up when you can have it shipped…

“fastest pickup October 1 - 4”

Only a little bit, though.
Most options are FBM. Literally.

What you can offer customers

Local delivery
Your business can use integrated Amazon shipping partners or offer self-delivery.

Buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS)
Enable customers to buy your products in Amazon’s online store and pickup in your store as fast as 90 minutes.

Standalone pick-up
Offer products for pick-up that you don’t currently sell in Amazon’s online store.

Curbside pick-up
Provide customers a convenient way to pick-up orders without leaving their car. Coming soon!

Question on this since it is in a quote, are you saying the options below the “What can you offer…” are available to any seller operating out of a building in the US?

If so that is interesting.

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In previous discussions of the local delivery program (and I do remember JwsMarket stating they had tried it) my understanding was that it was used by U.S. sellers.

This semi-recent post from SEAmod sounds otherwise:

Thank you for visiting the seller forums. I am sorry to learn you used local self-delivery to fill an order and then you lost an A-to-z claim when the buyer asserted they did not receive the delivery.

We have a Local Delivery program currently available as a pilot in limited countries. However, this program is for sellers who are located in countries outside of the US with listings on The Local Delivery customer experience allows customers in the seller’s home country to shop on where they are able to see offers which will ship to them faster. Products included in the Ships Locally search results display a fast local-shipping message.

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At the Amazon Local Selling application, it says:

Grow your business with local customers

Reach Amazon customers that are within your local area. Amazon Local Selling is fast, convenient, and flexible for customers—and our team will help you get up and running.

…so I would personally assume that yes, you must be a US-based seller, but no, because there’s an application process, not to “any” Seller.

But then @bookwormapril posted ^^^ that it’s not for US-based sellers. :confused:

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The Local Delivery Program is a subset of the Local Selling (“BOPIS”) Program; its limitation to a select set of pilot locales (it’s perhaps noteworthy that the SHC page which pseudo-SEAmod linked does NOT include an actual list of the ‘participating countries’) would seem to me indicative of yet another newly-emerging front in Amazon’s never-ending pursuit of its Global Expansion Initiative.

As is par for the course, Amazon’s warm embrace of the execrable Silo Management Model of Bureaucratic Administration has yet again produced a circumstance where nomenclature approved from on high is interpreted differently, further down the chain of command, by different branches of the support infrastructure’s administration.