How early will Black Friday get?

Watching football, commercials about Black Friday has already started at XXXXX store…

Everyone wants be the first now.
How many years till it starts Nov 1st? :rofl:

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Isn’t Nov 1st already late to the party? … as there is the Christmas in July thingy …


Yep; when I went to stock up on candy for trick-or-treaters, there were already fake Xmas trees on display (and I wasn’t even waiting til last minute!)

Even worse, I heard my first Xmas song on the radio in October! (I worked retail enough, with Xmas music playing all the time, I don’t want to hear it before Dec 24)

I went to my son’s house to distribute Halloween candy while the parents and kids did the door-to-door thing. While I was there, my nine year old granddaughter proudly told me that she had won the local grocery store’s annual Halloween picture coloring contest (and a $50 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble).

So on my way home, I stopped by the grocery store so I could snap a photo of her winning entry with its blue ribbon. Usually, the store’s windows are blanketed in the colorful artwork. But at 8:20 pm on October 31st, the windows were completely bare and clean–not even tape residue.

I stopped to ask a clerk (who was stocking Christmas candy) what happened to the Halloween artwork. The gal gave me a look like I had three heads, and said, “Halloween is SO over.”

On the bright side to this, on Nov 1, I was able to get a great deal on Reese’s Pumpkins (basically snack-size PB cups). Bought them all.

So Nov 1st is Black Halloween?


Egg > Tree > Heart > Pumpkin > Cup

Don’t even have to wait until after Halloween. Candy was 60% off on the 30th at some stores. As SallyAnne withnessed, they need to get Halloween down ASAP to get Christmas up.

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Ironically, this is in a heavily Jewish area, so the aisle where the Halloween candy was located is now full of gelt and dreidels. They’ll get Xmas trees set up outside next week, but never have much in the store.


I don’t mind the “Christmas (or Holiday, or Hannukah) creep”. Only a few countries celebrate Thanksgiving, so after Halloween, Christmas is the next big internationally-celebrated holiday for most of the world. November 1 is in play!

What does bother me is the idea that Black Friday is a “season”. I can accept Cyber 5/Cyber Week, but I’m not on board with starting to count on holiday gift-giving to get businesses out of the red (and into the black), as early as October. :neutral_face:

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Black is over used…Maybe I should start trademarking “Hazel Halloween” in hope it catches on :smile:

One house in my neighborhood follows the retail holiday schedule. The day after a holiday ends, they’re pushing the next one with a giant inflatable holiday-theme object that always deflates 15 minutes after installation. Currently, it’s a 7’ high inflatable turkey. I try not to grit my teeth too hard when I drive by.