How long until eBay cancels an order if you're late shipping?

Somehow, I messed up my inventory and sold an item that’s out of stock. More will be here next Tuesday, March 7, but I was supposed to ship the order by yesterday.

The customer is fine with waiting, but I wonder if eBay has a thing like Amazon where they auto-cancel the order if you’re so many days past the date you promised to ship?

I couldn’t find an answer in their help system, just a lot of stuff about orders being cancelled when buyers don’t pay.

AFAIK no auto cancel. Because eBay is more lax than amazon on the vtr. So assuming that you shipped and didn’t have tracking, they hold the cancellation.

I think that the rule is that if after 30 days from delivery date the buyer hasn’t received the item hey can cry to the high heavens.


That’s what I was hoping. I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to go and ship it on Wednesday, only to find out eBay cancelled it on Tuesday. That would be my luck. Thanks.


Adding to the saga, eBay sent me this email last night. :laughing:

Well, no shit Sherlock! Apparently, you get this email when an item goes unshipped for 2 days. My late order was supposed to ship by Mar 2, and this email came around 8 pm on Mar 3, so I didn’t ship it when due, or on the day after, and apparently eBay’s getting a little nervous. :laughing:

I thought the wording was kind of silly. It seems written for a brand new newbie, someone who doesn’t understand you need to ship an order, or confirm it. eBay’s BOTS also don’t evidently look at your emails, or they would have seen that I’ve already been in touch with the buyer.

This is the first time I’ve shipped really late, so we’ll see what happens. :grimacing:

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