How many Amazon sellers have used binding arbitration?

I know a lawyer involved with suing Amazon and he told me that only 17 people have ever used Binding Arbitration with Amazon.

I would like to see sources on that. Afaik amazon does not publish those numbers so I am guessing it’s a guess.


Perhaps he meant that he was only involved in 17 Arbitration cases with Amazon?

I have to guess that we know so little about the results of Arbitration Cases because they probably include non-disclosure language in it.

I remember often hearing about some one going to Arbitration (on the old seller forum) but then we never heard from them after about the results as far as I could tell.

Also, I have heard plenty of people say, Have your lawyer send a letter to Amazon and that often will get certain kinds of issues fixed without ever even needing to go to arbitration. (As in if it is obvious that you are in the right and were just never able to get the appropriate attention focused on your case, then a letter to legal may get you the attention needed to fix your case appropriately since Amazon now sees you are serious with an attorney on hand.)

Came in discovery in an active lawsuit.


No total arbitration cases with Amazon.

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BS! We know that isn’t correct from news media reports. Better have him check that again.

Amazon said that the “vast majority” of seller complaints and disputes are “resolved amicably and informally” via internal teams, with 163 sellers initiating arbitration proceedings between 2014 and July 2019. Amazon attempts to “negotiate a mutually agreeable resolution” during arbitration proceedings, the company added. - CNBC

And that was in 2021. Might want to advise your attorney pal that if he is correct, he hold the Ring of Amazon Slaying, you can’t lie under oath to Congress.

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Is there a difference between “binding arbitration” and just “arbitration”?

And certainly that number would differ from the number of TOTAL LEGAL ACTIONS, correct?

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