How Many People Got Free PPC Email?

Deleted previous post for obvious reasons :smirk:

Wanted to Sample the 2% Here.

Guessing because I reduced my spend by 60% has 'em worried

  • Didn’t get it.

  • Not a 2 percenter…

  • Would never trust an Amazon associate with my marketing budget. Amazon is in it for the most possible $ for Amazon.

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We are obviously p/o the unwashed masses, and not amongst the chosen few like you.

As a consolation prize, Amazon continues to bombard us daily with bid recommendations and similar-to-your’s entreaties to utilize free counseling, campaign management, & the like…as we have been for many years.

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Same… Fell for it once. Didn’t actually result in a higher or lower spend and didn’t increase sales so whatever…


We, too, dipped a toe after the Hyderabad Incubator spun up Amazon Development Centre India Pvt. Ltd. back in 2019, with less-favorable results than yours.

Once bitten, twice shy.


Moved to PPC Campaigns


I think they work on commission or something. They won’t stop bothering me.

Wow, every time I’ve spoken to a company’s sales rep it’s always been a free service for me. I’m so special I must be in the top 2% of customers for every company!

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