How to cancel order after creating shipping label

Am I going to get dinged for this?

The buyer sent a message after I created the shipping label: “Cancel order.”

So, I refunded him and cancelled the shipping label. However, I can’t see a way to actually cancel the order, but it does show that a refund is being processed.

Are my metrics going to take a hit for the first scan not being on time? This is less than $10. Should I just change the shipping to USPS standard mail envelope so that tracking is not necessary?

In the future, how should I handle requests for cancellation after the label has been created (but I haven’t shipped)?


Refunding the order is the only way. You should not get dinged for it (maybe invalid tracking).

Exactly as you did! Refund the order and if purchased from Amazon file for a refund on the label


Whew! So Amazon is not going to have a cow over a tracking number that is “late” because I never sent it?

I mean its Amazon, so maybe? lol


Canceling on order is no longer possible once an order has been confirmed. And since using Amazon buy-shipping automatically confirms the order – refund is the only avenue open to the seller.

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Thanks. I was worried about my valid tracking rate, since there’s a tracking number but no shipment.


We suggest tracking the refund. If it goes through with no issues (which it should) or if there is an issue with Amazon not refunding, please post the results back to this SAS thread where there has been a discussion about Amazon recycling voided tracking numbers and then USPS denies the refund.