how to? Cancelled label, want to get another

I bought the wrong shipping, put in to cancel and refund, now want to purchase a different label (on buy shipping) - can i?

I know there’s a way, but I think it’s a back door thing?


Yes, you can do this, sometimes it takes Amazon a few minutes to get up to speed.

Go back into the order, and you should have a purchase shipping button again. The order will NOT show up under unshipped.


Ok thanks. Still no option on it, so hopefully it will update. It selected UPS when I really just want to ship USPS, as it will go out today and arrive faster than UPS - which means I have to go to the store today to get it scanned even though it won’t leave there till Monday.

It only lets me edit, not do over, but I know in the past I have… will give it an hour and decide.

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Oh one more thing: I put in to refund/cancel the label… if I decide to use it anyway it should still work right? It says it will take up to a month to get the refund. I imagine if it shows the label got scanned the refund will fail, but the package will go normally?

I’d hate to ship anyway and then it gets RTS or something stupid… arrrggghhhhhh

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Yes it will still work.

The month long wait is to make sure it is not scanned and used basically


I had a beautiful guide on how to do this in the other forum

Go to ship orders. Scroll to the order, scroll to the cancelled tracking. Click on edit tracking info

Then you need to press edit shipment again.

I’m in a kids museum with my nephew. When I get back home I can try to find the thread, it has pictures explaining every step of the process.

(The search section of the NSFE is unusable)


Got it! After I clicked on Edit shipping, at the bottom of the page, it gives me a buy shipping label!


Yay now I don’t have to go to UPS lol.


That’s the one


I just got a refund for a label canceled in December.


Found it

This guide has one mistake, when buying bulk shipping you can see UPS discounts

This link goes to the NSFE so please use incognito mode if you haven’t migrated


I spent 30 minutes and a support ticket the first time this happened to me. IMO it was not very intuitive. Maybe “Manage Shipping” instead of Edit Shipping?? :man_shrugging:


Great info and post; what a shame it is now in a blackhole somewhere that’s almost impossible to locate on the NS(unintuitive)FE



We need to find a way to pull these out and have a FAQ section that sellers looking for help can access. Even without asking.

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Came here for this - would definitely be helpful, even if the questions/threads are simply moved to a common FAQ Topic.


We’re working on it, along with Guides made by us!


I’m so glad you asked this question. I thought we were locked out of Amazon Buy Shipping when we cancelled. Now, I know different. Thanks!

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