How to deal with "Arrived outside of delivery window" problem? Or should we even care?

Hi fellow sellers,

If you ship your inventory to Amazon for FBA like me, you probably received the red bang “Arrived outside of delivery window” (see pink arrow in the screenshot below)

It’s difficult to have the shipments arrive within the 7 or 14 day windows. They come from China and have many steps that could go wrong/delay: custom in China, at sea, waiting to dock, custom in US, devan, wait for appointment to deliver to Amazon, etc. So far, I’ve been receiving a handful of this warning. Would this negative affect our score in anyway? I checked the Shipment Performance page and couldn’t find Amazon tracking this type of problem. See the screenshot above.

Based on what Amazon tracks in Shipment Performance (doing percentage), I’m considering sending multiple small domestic shipments to Amazon. The arrival time of the domestic shipments is more reliable. So it could even “out the bad out of window” arrival from China. What do you guys think? Or should we even care (Amazon isn’t tracking it so far)?

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Right now I don’t think you should care. Amazon does not penalize for it, yet.


Let’s face it - absolutely everything Amazon does is to reduce their costs, or to convince you to pay them more money. The red text on that message is to make you think that YOU did something “wrong”. One can assume that a “delivery window” lowers Amazon’s costs, as it creates a manageable steady stream that their workers can keep pace with, and things “outside” the window mean that either stuff stacks up at receiving, or workers run out of work before their shift ends.


Thanks for confirming this.

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Thanks for pointing this out