How to file A-Z?



I have been providing buyers with the following instructions on how to file an A-Z claim.

  • Go to Your Orders on Amazon.
  • Locate your order in the list and click “Problem with an order.”
  • Select the issue from the list and select “Request refund.”
  • Enter your comments in the text box and click “Submit.”

In the past years, there haven’t been any issues, but now, for some reason, they are unable to file it. Amazon has made my product ineligible for return, but A-Z claims should still be an available option.

Could someone please inform me about the new method for filing an A-Z claim?

(I am aware of the impact of A-Z claims on my account, and I only resort to it occasionally and for big orders.

Thank you

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Hi @Petunic! It almost looks like Amazon is finally enforcing its long-standing rule that Buyers must contact 3P Sellers directly about the order issue and then allow them 48 hours to respond, before offering the A-to-z claim option.

Don’t worry. I’m sure Amazon is doing this for Amazon’s own benefit. For example, I used a 3P order that I received last week, trying the INR option, and received this:

It appeared that Amazon requires me to contact the 3P Seller, directly and specifically about the INR issue, AND give them 48 hours to respond, before giving me any other options.

:thinking: Interesting. Let’s see if others have more info. Perhaps we need to adjust the INR template that we developed on the OSFE with Mike64220.

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Would you mind sharing an update in a few days?

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Of course, this benefits Amazon by reducing the number of refunds for INR cases when shipping labels are purchased through Amazon.

Sales are down so they need to make adjustments to increase profitability for its shareholders. This is why they have discontinued the Small and Light program.
In my opinion, the opportunities seem to be diminishing and the platform appears to be in a state of decline.


Unfortunately, I actually did receive the item, and was just testing the process for you as far as I could, without actually reporting any (non-existent) difficulties, so I will not be able to report back.

You may find this post interesting.

A to Z Guarantee links updated?

I’ve noticed that not all FMB orders contain the ‘Problem with Order’ link, and if they do, it will direct the customer to contact the seller.

Amazon has made it more difficult for customers to file an A-z claim (which is good for the seller but can be frustrating for the customer).

This is what shows after selecting ‘Problem with Order’
(this was a recent FBM order I received on Saturday, June 1st - over 48 hours)

This is the link that customers can use to open an A-z claim

Customer Service > help with a recent item/order

Which will bring up more options:

The A-z Template probably needs to be updated.


I don’t provide detailed instructions on how to file claims. I just tell them to open an AtoZ through their Amazon accounts. Amazon changes the process too often, mobile vs desktop, etc. I would rather not give instructions than give wrong instructions. Most buyers can figure it out on their own, and the ones that can’t probably won’t be able to follow the instructions I would give them anyway.


I agree and the step by step process has changed frequently. I provide only the buyer facing link.


Our B-SM templates for such situations is similar, albeit all 3 of them (crafted for various variances arising in these situations) use the ‘simplified default’ URL of the oldest of the three-known iterations of that CHC ("Customer-facing Help Content) page @, rather than the second-oldest @, or the newest (the version which you’ve linked) @

Generally speaking, any SHC ("Seller Help Content) of CHC page that includes a “G” @ the beginning of the ‘Help Content ID’ - i.e., the actual URI (“Uniform Resource Identifier”) portion of the URL - is usually an indication that it was originally deployed as a result of the Editorial Team’s 2018 Help Consolidation Initiative.

A primary goal of that initiative was to do just that - consolidate far-flung data into fewer examples, which is why many long-extant CHC pages will now redirect to an SHC page on the same subject; in some cases, however, it actually produced more examples - of which the page you’ve linked is an example.

When the project was 1st undertaken, those redirected pages would almost-invariably include a top-of-page disclaimer referring to the reason for the redirection; over the years, many of those have been removed, but a few artifacts still existed last time I conducted a check for them.

Another aspect of that initiative was the deployment of the still-extant regimen of an addition of a leading ‘G’ to SHC URIs; these, where they exist, are entirely superfluous, apparently added as a tracking mechanism for Amazon’s internal purposes - which is also the most-likely explanation for many of the ‘complex’ URLs which Amazon provides in Seller Support Case Log Responses, via various ‘Learn more’ pop-ups & blurbs, and the like.

Because I’m aware of some of the strange, non-standard things which Amazon does with cookies & other types of LSOs (“Local Storage Objects”), we always parse URLs down to their simplest-viable expression - the ‘simplified default’ - before using them.


Does anyone want to take on the task of updating the old A-z Template?
(The instructions are outdated)

Selecting “Problem with order” from the Account Order page doesn’t give the customer the option anymore. (Problem with order > Contact Customer)

I’m not sure if after they have messaged the seller they can go back to ‘Problem with order’ and it will then show the A-z claim option.

The link below gives customers more choices and also includes the A-z option.

Customer Service > help with a recent item/order

The instruction under the → A-z customer help page is outdated as well.

It would be helpful if someone has done an A-z claim recently and can provide the updated steps.


This is posted…

In the past I had requested the customer start an A-Z claim by selecting the order and the “delivered but not received” option. When I requested this to the customer, she said that it tells her she already started a conversation with the seller and refers her to acknowledge the chat, and does not give her the option to start a claim…

So I guess that answers my question…☟☟☟

Bumping this


No A to Z option here, see

What to do next?

Find a missing package that shows as “Delivered”

Most packages arrive on time, but, sometimes, the tracking may show as “delivered” and you don’t have your package.

1 - Confirm shipping address in Your Orders

2 - Look for a notice of delivery attempt

  • Check the Message Center.
  • Look for a delivery confirmation in Your Orders.
  • Check your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail.

3 - Check around the delivery location

  • Check your delivery instructions in Your Addresses. The package could have been left where you requested.

4 - Ask your household members and neighbors

  • Check if someone else accepted the delivery.

5 - Wait 48 hours for the package to be delivered

  • Packages may be mistakenly scanned as delivered up to 48 hours before arrival.

6 - You can check with the carrier

  • The carrier may have more information about the location of the package. To track your package on the carrier website or contact them, go to Carrier Contact Information.

What to do next?

If you have not located the package after following the steps above, you can:

  • If your order is shipped and sold by a third-party seller, contact the seller directly for assistance. Go to Contact a Third-Party Seller.

  • If your order was shipped by Amazon, contact Customer Service within 30 days of expected delivery. We’ll do everything we can to help.

Interesting that they are recommending the buyer contact the carrier, that is new to me.

I buy shipping from Amazon for the A to Z coverage, but the process for the buyer to file one is getting more obscure.

It doesn’t look like this anymore, but this is still buyer-facing information.

To request a refund:

  1. Go to Your Orders.
  2. Locate the order.
  3. Select Problem with Order.
  4. Select your problem from the list.
  5. Select Request Refund.

After Problem with Order it is very different than before. I cannot go through the whole process on a recent order without claiming there was a problem. So I can’t explain it to the buyer. I think they are trying to foist the missing package problem on 3P’s to make us refund regardless of where we buy the shipping!

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Yepper, and in more than a singular iteration of that CHC (“Customer-facing Help Content” in ‘Dogtamerese’) page.

Something’s been afoot on the INR/Buy Shipping Guarantee front for several months now - early warnings surfaced in Q2 here, there, and elsewhere - but I have yet to discern whether or not it represents a sea-change on The River, or simply another example of Amazon’s insouciance…

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