How to not get ripped off on Ebay

I have some used equipment I need to sell. It will list for about $2000. I think Ebay might be an option, but I’m worried about being scammed there. I have never sold there before. Any tips or advice?

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List any and all condition issues, and make sure it’s listed correctly (i.e. Used/Pre-owned, etc.)

Given the value, I’d take pictures of any relevant serial numbers and the insides of the equipment in case someone tries to swap parts out.

Also, make sure you’re set up to not accept returns unless the item is materially different from your description. (Which, if you listed any and all condition issues, should basically cover you.)


Signature required on delivery.

Serial numbers in the listing.

As well as @RandomUsername 's suggestions.

But I never recommend a new seller sell big ticket on any online marketplace.


You’ll be a target with zero feedback. Be careful as @lake and @RandomUsername said above. You may want to find someone you know who has a track record on the Bay and let them list it for you.



Thanks. I am rethinking that. Sounds like a dangerous place for people like me. LOL.

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