How to Properly Relist a Listing(s) While Maintaining FNSKU

I’m told I need to relist all my listings by Seller Support to recover the listings. They said I need to relist and make sure this takes place:

I do need your collaboration at this point as I need you to please upload the listings for all ASINs, using a feed file. On this feed file I will need you to add the value “100% Bamboo Viscose” for the “fabric_type” attribute.

My listings have been deleted, so I don’t know what attributes they used to have. I’m hoping there is a way to relist with a flat feed file that allows me to update that single attribute while not having to input all the other information, as I don’t have it locally and Amazon isn’t letting me recover it.

Trying to figure out the smoothest way to relist without losing all my FNSKU inventory in the process.

all feedback appreciated.

I think Inventory Ledger report is your only hope or at the least where you should start. If

is a priority.

tagging @oneida_books but I think that since you’ve deleted the listings, then you really need to open a case with Support. Since FNSKU’s matter I assume you are FBA.

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yep. fba. I actually think I got one ASIN to relist, but all the data from it is gone… I’m not even the brand owner anymore.

In order for the FNSKU to stay the same it must be the same ASIN and seller SKU as the original listing. We have had cases where we deleted listings to make changes (after waiting 24 hours) and as long as we used the original ASIN and seller SKU our existing inventory was linked to the new listing.


perfect, that’s what I did. I’m not just trying to figure out why these listings have been blanked out.

If you do this one item at a time,

Copy the ASIN

Go to add a product

Add the ASIN

Then go to the sales screen and get the SKU, copy and paste it as the SKU when you list this.

It is a bit of work, but this will do it right.


yep, just completed. I got it to work on 11 of the 12.

They are working on the 12th.

for some reason I no longer get to be the owner of the brand and all the listings have had all their information deleted, but this is at least a start.

SAS Core claims they can re-add the information once I re-add it, but not keeping my hopes up.

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