How to refund 75% on Amazon

After an Amazon-assisted screwup, customer and I reached an agreement. She was quite reasonable, and we reached an amicable agreement on a 75% refund.

But Amazon won’t let me do it. The refund page only goes up to 50% - plus 20 dollars. ( And this is a multi-hundred dollar sale, so 20 dollars is nowhere near 25% )

I don’t want to send money outside of Amazon. That could get me suspended.

I tried Amazon help. I figured that if I said that I wanted to give more of my money to the customer, they would jump at the chance. Nope. I can’t even depend on an SS Rep to do that when needed.

Does anyone know how I can do this refund? It should be simple.

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Could you do this via an adjustment feed?


You can upload a refund via adjustment feed for whatever value you want.
You should also be able to select a “custom” value from the refunds page.


I agree completely. I should be able to do it. But for some silly reason you cannot choose more than 50% partial refund.
You can refund 100%, or anything less than 50%.


Apparently the “other” option maxes out at 50%. I think the adjustment feed is your best/only option.

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Thanks, but I tried that. I get this:

ERROR 18028: The data you submitted with this item is incomplete or invalid.


This makes no sense, what if you’re charging a 15% restocking fee

It should be you can refund 50% or more, not 50% or less

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Again, I agee with you.

I agree with this also.

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Yeah the 100%, 50-0% is the worst user interface ever

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That is an incredibly high bar - even on Amazon.

However, I fear that you may be right.


Okay, I had a quick powernap so I’m thinking more clearly now.

You want to give the buyer back 75% of their purchase?
Then you would withhold a 25% restocking fee from the “other” restocking fee field?

After all, the restocking fee is how much you are withholding from a refund, not how much you are refunding. The only catch is that it would require uploading a photo, but since the buyer wants this, upload a dog pic, who cares.


You can only charge a restock fee on orders that go thru the return process.


I think what makes it the worst is that there is no justification for the limits. Should be 0-100%.



I wouldn’t disagree, but ever since the 30Sep2020 News Headline Updates to the seller-fulfilled returns refund workflow (link) first brooked dawn, I’ve suspected that the prime motivation was an attempt to prevent the scurrilous scoundrels from manipulating BSR.

Nearly 3½ years later, the available evidence would seemingly suggest that the only thing being prevented is the ability for honest & above-board 3P Sellers to offer Customer Satisfaction as they see fit.



I asked the same questions on the Aazon forum, and am hoping for an answer.

If you are also curious about this issue, please post to the thread.


If you don’t mind, what’s wrong with the 25% restocking fee method?

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It is only available under certain conditions:

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The partial refund on an order with no return request caps at 50%. That is moronic.

I issue my refunds through my inventory management app where I can select any amount I want, so I’ve never looked at this screen before.

Ask the buyer to open a return request so you can use a 25% restocking fee?
If the adjustment feed doesn’t work, I can’t think what else to try.

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There does exist an .xsd template - i.e., a ‘true feed,’ rather than the flat file “Flat.File.Adjustment.TTH.xlsx” that’s throwing the error for our friend @rms - offered up by the SHC’s Refund Orders - Order Adjustment Feed (link), but utilizing it does require some skill with manipulating XML (“Extensible Markup Language”) files.

These are the direct URLs for downloading the two files from Amazon’s ‘Rainier’ database:



As we can see, the versions are both Release 1.9 - and as was noted at the time of the aforementioned 30Sep2020 News Headline in the ‘main’ OSFE thread re: Issue Concessions/Partial Refunds, “Partial Refunds > $20 - EASY SOLUTION” (still available in the NSFE here), they do not appear to have changed from the version digitally-signed by Amazon back on 12Dec2009.

To be fair, Amazon insisted, in both certain SHC pages which still to this day include that admonition, and by certain members of the FMT @ the time, that this approach was “temporary” - but to the best of my knowledge, it has yet to introduce anything else other than the 3 methodologies we’re discussing in this thread, as after checking the related help files on the subject do not appear to have changed since I last archived them.

However, as certain posts to the Headline-accompanying NSFE discussion (link) for the 28Jun2023 News Headline “New options to report seller-fulfilled returns issues” (link) probably heralded changes behind the scenes that Amazon has yet to clearly reveal.


If you can’t find a solution you might just have to refund in full and eat it.

Refunding them outside of amazon or having them pay you back outside of amazon are absolutely no-gos.

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