How to report listing hijacker on Walmart?

I just started selling on less than a year ago. I sell white label products which are products that I designed and got a Chinese factory to mass produce with my company logo. Last Friday was the first time that I was out of stock in WFS. I noticed another seller appeared in the listing. I never sold my products to any wholesalers. He must be selling a fake item. His seller rating is also terrible (2 star average) with buyers complaining about low quality products. Even though he set the price twice as high, I don’t want to risk someone buying his fake product and give the listing 1 star product reviews. How do I report this to Walmart? Please advise. Thanks.

Couple things here.

  1. How do you know that this isn’t your product that this seller happens to have to sell? Walmart is an open marketplace just like Amazon. The fact that it’s priced so high makes me think he’s an opportunistic ahole that’s trying to take advantage of an OOS situation.

  2. Walmart’s help system isn’t great and I couldn’t find the proper workflow when something similar happened to us. Had someone jump on our listing and selling it for 35% off what we sell it for. I ended up starting a live chat with Walmart for them to investigate which they did.

In parallel, I did some investigating on my own, found the company the listing originated from, contacted the owner of the company through sources on LinkedIn and threatened legal action if he didn’t get off the listing at that price. We are not in distribution intentionally with this brand so that price was a concern.

We lost the BB, and all of our ads were shut down. Went from selling 40+ units a day to nothing for 2 days. The real kicker was his listing was out of stock and it got the buy box anyway which is really concerning. The listing was FBM and ours is purely WFS so losing the BB to an out of stock FBM listing was really concerning. I mean, is it really that simple to put a seller out of business - create an offer with no inventory at a lower price? I think Walmart has some work to do because that’s precisely what happened to us.

In my actual phone conversation with this guy, he shared his intentions (even though it was an electronics business) to sell our brand and he wanted to source from us which we declined of course. So what he did wasn’t the accident he said it was (bad feed file / 3P automation system). He was trying to get our attention…

He’s since followed up with phone messages which I saved just in case I need to get my legal team on them…

Back to your issue…:

  • You’re going to have to do a test buy IMO
  • You might want to do a live chat with Walmart Support tomorrow when they open up. The chat didn’t really result in any solution but it did create a case that was automatically forwarded to the right dept. There’s nothing on the standard support / help menu to deal with this situation that I know of. It might exist but I couldn’t find it in the moment and I just spent some time (in a calmer mood) to look for you and I don’t see it so chat might be the way to go.

Good Luck


Important question first, do you have a trademark? That’s pretty much a prerequisite for any kind of infringement claim.

It also sounds like he might not be stocking any product. If he’s at double the price he might be one of those people who will drop ship your WFS offer.

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Thanks for your reply. I know that he wasn’t selling my product because it’s branded and I never wholesale it to anyone.

Wow, sorry that you had to go through that. So, even though Walmart live chat and agree to investigate, that didn’t help?

Yeah that’s really messed up. Thanks for sharing your story.

That’s Amazon process. Does Walmart require the same step? Ok I’ll call them. Thank you.

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Yes, my brand is trademarked.

This exact same situation happened to me on some Amazon listings many times. I did the test buy and learned that none of them had my products. They sent a “similar product”. Some customers may not know the different unless they double check with pictures on the listing after receiving the fake products. Of course, the quality is much lower. One of the fake products that they shipped to me (during test buy) used metal wire that was almost half as thick compared to the real product. So it would break faster because the metal was thinner. That’s one of the examples of low quality.

I get that but if you buy something from Walmart for $20 and try and sell it for $40 it is possible that it’s authentic and thus within Walmart policy to do so - probably not on the pricing side of things but the offer nevertheless may be legit. You’re assuming and you might be right but you also could be wrong. Just playing devils advocate / reality here.

It never got that far sadly. As soon as the idiot withdrew his offer, Walmart responded within 8 hours that the issue had been resolved and we had the BB back. I wasn’t going to trust Walmart OR Amazon to do the right thing. If you want something done or done right, you handle it yourself aggressively.

To be clear, this started with a support chat which morphed into a correctly routed case right after because the chat associate couldn’t do anything but agree with us, which was nice but…

It would seem to me that once you get back in stock, this issue will self-correct. The listing really isn’t hijacked, it just has an offer on it on an open-offer marketplace. I really don’t think Walmart will step in on this, even if the seller feedback stinks.


You’ve got a point. Oh well, I’m sending in more inventory and will get the buy box back soon. If he could decrease his price to compete with me and has several to sell, he’s definitely a fake.

Thanks for playing devils advocate :slight_smile: