How to ship to Guam?

I just got an FBM order. (This is a product that I sell for less via FBA normally so it is weird to get a FBM order for it when I’m NOT out of stock at FBA)

I just went in and printed the packing slip and then tried to buy shipping through Amazon but it is saying
no shipping

So If I try to fill out the address in an outside shipping program, it is making me fill out customs forms if I list as Guam. I’m guessing this is going to a military base since I’m not set up with Amazon to do international shipping.

The Address has a

and Street,

PBM ####,
City, Guam, Zip

When I try to fill it out directly on USPS it keeps flipping it from Guam to Domestic but I can’t buy the first class postage directly on

But I’m not sure which category to choose on my other shipping option AA, AP, or AE

Any recommendations?
I don’t get enough FBM orders for me to want to just cancel it.

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Guam is considered domestic. When you enter the address enter it as US. Enter the city, use GU for the state, and enter the zip.

Thats how we ship to our office in Guam.

You would not use AA, AE, or AP as it is not an APO address.


But GU is not an option for a State at least in some programs.

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I just tried pirateship and it let me enter GU. Paypal/Shipstation has GU in the dropdown for state.


What US Possessions, US Territories, and Freely Associated States are Considered Domestic? (

Guam is a U.S. territory, USPS shipments to Guam are domestic mail.

Select Priority Mail, if it will fit your best option is likely a Flat Rate Priority Mail box. Priority Mail includes tracking at no additional cost.


Ok so I was able to print out shipping using paypal/Shipstation.
Ugh, what a pain.

AND WHAT!?!?! Amazon is showing that order in both my FBA orders and MF? That is weird?


The total price including shipping doesn’t work well for Priority mail seeing as that costs so much now. This is an Item that normally ships first class, it is less than 4 oz.


Makes sure to adjust your shipping templates for all US territories, USPS First Class normally takes 10 to 14 days to get there. You might consider increasing your shipping charges to territories like Guam and The Marshall Islands to accommodate the Priority mail fees, the residents there will understand.


It looks like it should still get there in time. Just really annoying that Amazon doesn’t let you handle the shipping through buy shipping.

And it is weird that order is showing up in both my FBA orders list AND Seller Fulfilled orders list? What’s up with that?


Do they have the exact same Order Id?

I sometimes get these from experienced buyers as FBM because they believe I will ship it faster, which i do.

Overall, you did what I’d do when Amazon Buy Postage doesn’t come up - use another postage software. For me it’s usually Endecia.


So I’m guessing it must have just been a glitch because it is no longer in the FBA list now. (But I believe it was the same order because it looked like a MF order in the list with the edit shipment button and everything.)

I had been really confused when I went and looked at my orders because I saw a couple pending orders above that one that I had just shipped. And then I look up and saw that I was in the FBA orders. So I went to seller fullfilled orders and there it was again. I can say that I didn’t actually match up the order #s buy why would an FBA order have action buttons that mention shipping?

So Strange. I’m guessing that she probably originally tried to buy the FBA item but maybe they wouldn’t ship it to her so then she had to choose the available from other sellers option? I don’t know.


You are seemingly not the only one. I don’t have the link, but sometime within the last 12 hours there was a post in the NSFE about that.


I know I posted about it. I can’t find any other posts about it, do you remember what the title was?

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Then maybe it was you lol. I was logged out so I didn’t know whom it might be. I’ll look and try to post the thread I saw.

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I sometimes get FBM orders to US territories for items that are also in stock at FBA. My FBM offers are all free shipping. I assumed that Amazon was charging the buyers shipping if they chose the FBA offer, so they wisely chose the free shipping FBM offer instead.

And Buy Shipping is not available for them. Perhaps due to delivery time, or maybe Amazon doesn’t want to guarantee those in case of an INR so they exclude them.

:upside_down_face: Inquiring minds would like to know.


Indeed, for example,

on an Amazon Prime Account shipped to Dededo, GU has S+H of $11.60 with 10 day delivery. By way of comparison shipping to Nebraska would be free two-day shipping…