I am requesting a funds transfer on Amazon on 26 June

The deadline for Inform Consumers Act is 27 June. Amazon still has not approved of my bank information sent to them over a week ago. I have checked all of their other boxes.

I have an old account and can request funds at any time. Business Buyers on AZ prevent my collecting for 30 days or more, so I cannot access funds from less than 30 days ago sales, but will take all I can before Amazon seizes funds from all sellers who don’t pass their BOTS approval.

There must be hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers, many of long duration who for one reason or another do not pass approval with Amazon’s bots.

Amazon often proverbially shoots itself in the foot fairly frequently, but their execution the Inform Act is beyond despicably incompetent.

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Wish you a speedy approval. That totally sux! This was the whole multiaccount combination statement issue yes?

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I have had one Amazon since 2002.

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Yes but the bank approval was because the statement had multiple accounts on it? Or was that someone else?

A disbursement request was made about 5 PM EDT. Let’s see if it goes through.