I got a theory on what's going on with the NSFE

They replaced forum mods (or created new accounts) with bots, and monitor the upvotes/downvotes/responses on the bot responses to help train their new AI customer service program.

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So AI has learned that Amazon needs to give away gift cards? :rofl:

And it has learned not to respond to critical of Amazon posts too. I notice that none of us “complainers” got a response from CR_Amazon.

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I am registered for the NSFE but have yet to post there… wondering if I should cause a little bit of a stir. Not the kind of stir that got me banned for 1,000 years like before… but just for a little fun with the AI.

Go for it! The NSFE resembles a cemetery now that we all left.

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Someone in our studio office, onboarded me. I did not want to have this happen ever, based on the disclosure of private handmade posts.

Is what it is. Though I will never post. It is nice to see the site and posters as normal beings. Rather than incognito with coding on the user ids.

I will agree with you, the NSFE is very manipulated. The “featured posts” are choreographed with AI, bots, or real people.

The issue with SEAmod disturbs me a bit. I always appreciated Susan as a colleague, half “her” postings are ‘normal’ and half are robotic. I just don’t get it.

I felt you all, as did I worked together with her to make the forums a better more knowledgeable place.


I would have to dig for it but there was one MOD a day or two ago that actually had posted they were a human and not a BOT.

I didn’t think at the time about posting a ‘click on all the busses’ picture…


I would not, in your case, since you were (unfortunately) banned from the OSFE.

I suspect that you may be thinking of SEAmod’s NSFE reply to our friend Rob’s recent rather-pointed query on this subject over there, linked here:

I will leave it to the gentle reader to discern the likeliest reason behind the decision to rebrand the AHT (‘Amazonese’ for Account Health Team") SMEs - “Subject Matter Experts” - as Community ‘Associates.’

Did they ever give away those gift cards? I forgot all about that.


Vitabarre (some posts) got a reply from CR_Amazon
NAVYA_CRAFTS (their only forum post) got a reply
CurrentInspiration (their only forum post) got a reply
Seller_J28 (their only forum post) got a reply
Simos (lots of posts) got a reply
BrittsBestScents (their only forum post) got a reply
Ashleys_bookstore (their only forum post) got a reply
FOKshop_AVM (their only forum post) no reply
JWT33 (their only forum post) got a reply
Preserve_The_Curves (their only forum post) got a reply

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so bots won 8 out of 10

real funny


Nope, it was a guy and I think it was a response in the New Seller group. I should have saved it but I was trying to get shipping done.