I got this email today from Amazon

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With thousands of posts every day on the Amazon Seller Forums,

it can be easy to miss an important headline or two. Check out the top 3 stories you don’t want to miss, curated by our very own
Amazon Community Managers.

Ask Amazon Event: Simplified FBA Capacity Limits

View our Ask Amazon event around updates to FBA capacity management and the Capacity Manager.


Seller Forums Quick Tips

Tips and tricks regarding everything in the new Forums experience, from flagging posts to the new category tags.


The Path to Global Payments Series

Learn a few key considerations around global expansion, including marketplace strategy, registering your business, shipping and fulfillment, and payments.


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they are trying too hard…like rats on a sinking ship…


:no_bell: Thousands of Posts, only look incognito, I don’t even see thousands of responses. Or even reads on the postings.

:ballot_box_with_check: Check out the top 3 stories you don’t want to miss, curated by our very own Amazon Community Managers. Sure, plenty of time on your hands.

It would be better to brag about the 50 correct solutions provided, if in fact they have that many.


Those are 3 interesting posts to be hand picked by Community Managers.
3 posts that are basically Amazon announcements that don’t require much discussion, and no work from any Amazon employee other than to post them.


Community Managers On Amazon it always makes me think of this song. :rofl:


This shows how badly the new forum is failing in terms of traffic. I’m sorry, but I don’t think a monthly email blast is going to bring the traffic back.


I think if we all stopped looking, just for the entertainment, they would have half the traffic.


I know, they are so sad with everything they do. lol


Gives “desperate” vibes. It actually could be a nifty feature, but not in the way they are doing it, and they aren’t likely to change.

“Disagree then commit!” roll over!"

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Why won’t Amazon listen to it’s sellers? I mean why did they have to change something that was working and “mess it up”? If forum users act out…just BAN them… that’s what “BANNING” is for.

Anyway, I’m glad that I don’t have to go back there. It was literally nerve racking to see one forum user on several occasions tell newbies the opposite of what they should be doing and left it at that.

The MODs there are NOT sellers and they can only answered by what they are told or interpret from reading. You may or “may NOT” get help if they respond.

This forum here… is better than Amazon’s Old Sellers Forum Experience! :laughing: :heart_eyes:


It has been speculated that the reason for the unmasking and move to NSFE was Princess’s litigation against Amazon.

Regardless, Amazon shot themselves in the face, because this is an alternative that is going to turn into exactly what they didn’t want - lack of control and criticism. You better believe this forum will connect sellers with journalists and legislators.

Their forum sucks:

It consists of too many stupid questions
It pairs those questions with equally stupid and inadequate answers
Engagement has fallen off a cliff


Most of the mods there are idiots. Some are petty, juvenile prats. I saw enough examples in private from other sellers. Period. End of story.

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Why does the Amazon email that the OP posted remind me of all the Autocrit, etc. ads that keep popping up on Facebook? – “Turn your messy drafts into polished gems!”

Is Amazon using the same service?

You know the feeling when you reach the tipping point on your mortgage? The day you are paying more in principal than interest.

I think we may have reached that point with how much they look at us vs. we look at them.


:rofl: :rofl:

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This may be a nail meets hammer post.

Amazon no longer offers me the best selling venue, and I do not offer them enough bang for the buck to be missed. My presence on their forum only increased the pain level for all.

And I cannot help but feel that the sellers we were helping were dominated by sellers who do not serve the best interests of Amazon buyers.


To be fair, towards the end of the OSFE, some of the most posted-in threads were those of Chinese sellers notifying “mods”/insiders of their hijacked blatantly counterfeit listings.

It would appear that the NSFE solution (i.e. mods rarely respond to anything) may have inadvertently addressed this issue of “helping bad actors” by literally helping nobody. Well done, Amazon.

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