I just got my first SFP order since I shut it down 2 years ago... And it's still shut down.

I have a PRIME order on my Unshipped FBM order list. I don’t know why this is here and I’m a little worried about it. I haven’t seen a PRIME order in almost 2 years.

My SFP enrollment is still in good standing because I switched it off the day the nationwide shipping requirements went into effect. I just double checked to be sure, and my SFP is still switched off.

Any ideas?

Disable Prime offers and control Prime order volume

I would just ship it with 2 day shipping and hope it’s a 1 time thing that happened.


I really hope this order wasn’t in this customer’s cart since January 2021…

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Maybe they were shopping while driving, and got into a car accident as a result of doing that, and they just woke up from their coma and decided to complete their purchase.

Seeing how getting this product was almost literally the last thing they did, they probably want it within the 2 days.

I got another PRIME order last night.

I am worried.

Maybe they were the passenger in that car?

Note Item #2 Below…

Guidelines to turn off persistent Prime branding on Seller Fulfilled Prime offers

Guidelines to turn off persistent Prime branding on Seller Fulfilled Prime offers

If you’ve disabled Prime offers for all of your items or updated shipping template assignments to disable Prime for a subset of items, but Prime branding does not appear to turn off on Amazon’s website, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

  1. Confirm you are signed in to a Prime customer account when viewing your SKU or ASIN and confirm that your offer is featured on the detail page.
  2. If you made a change at the shipping template level to remove Prime offers, confirm that your SKU or ASIN is not associated to a Prime shipping template. Go to Inventory, select Manage seller fulfilled products and type in the SKU or ASIN in the Search option. With the Status field filtered to Non-Prime, ensure your SKU or ASIN is displayed in the search results and the Offer status field is listed as Non-Prime. Also, note the name of the shipping template being used in the Shipping template field. Go to Shipping settings > Shipping templates and find the noted shipping template and confirm Prime delivery is not enabled.
  3. If you disabled Prime offers for all items, go to Settings > Shipping settings > General shipping settings > Control Prime order volume and verify if the Enable/Disable Prime option is set to Prime offers disabled.
  4. If the any of the above steps do not work, contact Selling Partner Support.

One of the Prime orders I received is on what was my regional Prime shipping template. The other order is not and is simply on my default template.

Neither order was in the region covered on my regional template either.

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@Lost_My_Marbles thank you for both of the Amazon help links you’ve provided here.

There must be pretty significant occurrences of “ghost SFP” for Amazon to provide actual help info at all…which begs the question, why can’t they just FIX THE CODE?! :expressionless:

For the same basic reason that underpins why the Editorial Team has not yet seen fit to update the badly-outdated SHC page from the same ‘Help Hub tree,’ Maintain enrollment in Seller Fulfilled Prime (link), methinks:


I’m not sure if this is a code issue at all. At the moment I have no answers.

To update:
I switched SFP on and off again, and since then I have not had any more Prime orders. I continue to receive a few Premium Shipping orders, 1-2 per day, which would have been Prime if I had SFP turned on. It seems like whatever 4Q glitch was going on has been fixed, or is very… very intermittent.

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