I needed some copy paper today

I like to buy it in 10-ream packages and often alternate between Staples and Costco, which used to be under30 buck for10 reams.

I just paid about 43 bucks, including delivery and tax for 10 reams of Staples own brand, using a discount provided by my Capitaone card.
The now ordinary price of copy paper on Amazon, Costco, and Staples has gone insane.

I send printed packing slips with every book I ship, but I may have to reconsider this.

OTOH, it cuts down on complaints by giving buyers complete descriptions of the books they have purchased in hand when their book arrives.


I just cracked my last case of paper from back when staples used to do those stupid $15 for a case sales.

Paper is heavy!


Packing slips, I always send one, but I have my print settings to 80% (I think) and paper size set to 8.5 x 5.5 (half sheet) everything is still readable and double paper life!


We buy ours at Walmart, and pick it up ourselves. Heavy, but not that old yet.

Plus it allows us to get “Office Supplies” in the beer :beers: section of wally world.


Agree that prices are crazy… BUT

even at $50 per case (10 Reams x 500 sheets) works out at 1¢ each.

I suggest you reconsider, reconsidering…


FBA quit putting in packing slips a while ago.

If I were FBM I would stop including packing slips not because of the cost, but because it’s not worth the work to do so.

I know it’s policy to include one, but really, does that get enforced whatsoever?


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Agree …


I’ve reached the point that when my back is causing issues I open the case in the trunk and carry two or three reams into the house at a time. I refill the empty case sitting there and go out and get a couple more.

Sometimes it might take me a week to empty the box in the trunk.

Generally because I forget that it’s still in there.

Which reminds me — I have to get about 500 boxes out of there from the trip to Uline a week or so ago!


Apparently not, as so many members of the Amazon Seller Community have publicly proclaimed over the last dozen years or so that they do not comply w/ Clause (i) of section “S-2.1 Sale and Fulfillment” in the ASBSA - and yet I’ve yet to hear of any difficulties for doing so.

We ourselves include one w/ every shipment, on any platform & for any aspect of our multiple divisions (retail isn’t our only gig), not because Amazon requires it - but rather because our internal processes have avoided various snafus over the last ½-century by doing so.


I second this.


And DESPITE doing this so that I double and triple check what I pick and pack by having that slip in front of me I just sent out the wrong item to someone.

So, who can read the fine print on the package when one is 12025 and the correct one is 12052???

And I just got new bifocals for close reading…:rage::rage::rage:


Can you type more clearly, please?


My problem with Costco paper is that it is so heavy, my postage goes up for regular documents sent in envelopes. The old stuff was thinner, and weighed far less for a typical 20-page document


When I pack a book, I double check the ASIN against the ISBN on the book, then make a mental note of something about the address (odd name, city, etc.) so that when I print the shipping label, I’ll notice if something is off. Since I’m not doing bulk orders, pretty easy to get things right, but I know at least once in the last couple of months I realized that I had clicked on the wrong “Buy Shipping” button. I don’t find it hard at all to include.

And while paper has gone up, I think I probably notice the cost of cardboard even more.


I am buying paper at Walmart.

This week Staples offered me a case of Hammermill paper at 37.99 which is close to what I pay for single reams at Walmart.

I really do not need more than a couple of reams on hand at my current sales volumes,

AS for weight - I have never bought paper in other than 20 lb weight unless I was doing something special.

Costco.com has HP and Hammermill Paper in 20 lb weight, and does offer a 24 lb paper which I have never bought. Costco.com price for paper is way too high. I have not checked in the warehouse recently.