I think I made him MAD!


Over 20 ads for his friend the attorney already tonight.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It was late and I was tired of reporting all of his ads so I didnt include what triggered this. If anyone wants some very valuable legal assistance here is what he is advertising and has been for a couple weeks now.
Cant the MODS REMOVE this clown???

AND he is back again this morning with another 20 (so far). He has shortened the message to JUST the attorney fb/ address.

Anyone want to join the flagging party?

Im thinking about answering his question about who are you with THIS but I figure the MODS would get pi#$$# at ME and I would get booted in a typical Amazon response.


Oh Kate, look at the lovely safe space you have created


I did. I had not realized what a he was.In fact, I hadnt ever read much past that sorry mate opening.

I flagged a bunch. One I checked had been removed by mod. Maybe enough flags will do something.


Yet the original issue, the formatted hate speak language post is still up after 18-20 hours.

Retreating to my safe space now

Vaguely curious if Kate has even looked at the forum again.

Probably not.

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Kate has never seen the active forums, OSFE OR NSFE.

Serious question, did she survive the layoffs?


Yeah, this guys a nutter.
According to him, hes been suspended for bad OTR, for linked accounts, for counterfeit items, for failing ID verification, and probably a dozen other reasons. So hes an Expert. :wink:

Amazing how the mods completely ignore flags. What exactly are the flags for???

I may pull out my secret weapon again; say This would NEVER happen on SAS. :wink:


Survive? She probably got a promotion. Everything is working as intended.


Katy did - straight from Harpy to Gorgon.

Evidence seemingly suggests shell next be a`skipping, all-too lightheartedly, the next-highest level, Chim疆ra, in favor of a double-promotion straight to Sphinx


It finally got taken down about 2 hours ago. Im not going to go through them all but it looks like they finally have removed a bunch of them.

Seriously does anyone know if the MODS EVER take action to stop these clowns from posting ads like that?

I have seen some that pop back in for two or three weeks in a row (or more frequently).


We would dare to say yes that they put them on time out and maybe band but it is a game of wack a mole at best. We often wonder if these people have a pool of dead / old accounts that they play with.

We would think that you have enough stock with the mods to tag in addition to flagging. When we do it, we quote the issue text, state the offense and tag some of the mods that regularly respond to us AND flag the post. Response time varies from a couple hours to 72 hours (weekend issues).

The cool part is that the thumbs down, that we get from pointing out the offense, disappear when the offenders post gets 86d as they normally 86 our post also because it has the quoted text in it.


Fortunately I have been in pretty good graces with the MODS. Im actually a bit surprised at the number of thumbs up that I get with that Amazon swoosh in my notifications.

For normal issues I tag a rotating number but for the ads I tag the ones that I have handles for about a dozen.

If they would send me their work schedule I could be more selective. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sometimes we think of them as a badge of honor. We just wish we didnt have to play fish to find out what post was getting the thumbs down. Always reminds us of the line You cant handle the truth! (or the humor in the case of one that we did).

We think of this as a quantity input. For something we want to draw attention to, maybe tag one or two that might apply to the issue. If it is something that should be looked at with a little more sense of urgency, then we up the number to three or four to get some attention. When it is flat out wrong, we will copy and paste our list of MODs as one might be working and, if not, then usually a MOD who is in rotation will pick it up.

So far we have not ruffled any feathers and generally get a positive response of thank you.


I just checked on several of the threads I flagged yesterday and everyone had content deleted by mods.

I have to think they have done something or there would be a fresh batch of spam.

Well see.


This particular one takes several days off between volleys usually. There was a different one a while back that showed up several weekends in a row since THEY were smart enough to know that the MODS can actually have a life and not have to work weekends!

I suspect we will hear from him again soon. :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

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Spammers should be permanently banned from the forums.

Its like when I see a cockroach I dont chastise it, I dont try to reason with it, and I dont move it to another part of the house I kill it.


Ironically I am pretty sure a lot of the spammers were banned on the OSFE but when they made the change for sellers to leave their old profile and start a new one on the NSFE all of those accounts started fresh as new spam accounts. :+1: Working as intended :upside_down_face:

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