I'm getting very tired of CSBA "invitations".

Once a week, I get an email or a phone call from Amazon pushing me to use CSBA. Today’s was new, more flattering and just as poorly translated from whatever language it was originally typed in. In addition to finding these solicitations irritating, I am starting to find them insulting. As if I would want someone whose command of English requires an official marketing email for a company the size of Amazon to be written with Google Translate.

Dear Seller,

Hope you are doing well!

This is your Account Manager from Amazon. I tried reaching out to you today and multiple times earlier to discuss about your seller central as we have enabled a feature based on your impressive

performance, which covers up your customer’s inquiries where we intend to help genuine customers and flag the abusive customers, remove A-Z guarantee claims, reduce negative feedbacks/reviews, etc.

I did try to call to the number available in your seller central but it was not connected. If you’re reading this e-mail please revert back, where we can discuss about it even more or you can also set up an appointment with me by using this link

Thanks & Regards,

M.Yaseen Manaam| Account Manager (CSBA)



You are not alone. Had to make a filter in Outlook for that program along with Amazon lending.


We do the same (link, SAS).

Too bad this 3P Seller did not:


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