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Has anyone else seen their images changed on listings that are killing sales?

I just noticed this morning that 2 of my listings are only showing one very low quality image when I have 4 high quality images uploaded on my listing. The high quality images have been showing for over one year. Now it’s suddenly only showing one image that I haven’t used for years that looks like it’s .5 MB instead of the 1.5MB images that should be displayed.

I do own the brand and am brand registered so I’m not sure why the images would have been changed. I have no proof, but it certainly seems like this was done on purpose to kill sales for these asins. I’ve opened a case with support to get an explanation, just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

So you did upload that image that’s showing right?

Every once in a while Amazon reverts things to some old data, whether that be listing information, an old address/credit card on your account, and I guess in this case your product image.

Can you not update it to refresh the images?


I never uploaded that image. It looks similar to one that I used previously but at very low resolution.

The brand registry folks responded that there was an issue they identified and fixed and that my submissions were now being used. I confirmed this is correct.

It sounds like someone submitted the poor image to replace mine and they accepted it and blocked mine. Guess I’ll just have to be hyper vigilant watching my listings going forward.

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Oh, I thought it was yours when you said you haven’t used it in years.

That’s concerning then, and definitely smells of some kind of attack.


That’s what I’m thinking too. Other sellers have been doing high bid ads on my listing for their similar items. Their PPC bids are higher than I make per unit, I’ll let them donate their profits to Amazon. My guess is they are now realizing that burning through their cash on ads isn’t working so they are going to try something more dubious.

If possible, sellers should check their listings every couple of days just to make sure this doesn’t happen to them. I know if I saw that poor image for my product, I wouldn’t click on it either.



3 things that have been associated with hijacked listings

  1. Brand
  2. ASIN Title
  3. Image

Usually, they start with one of the 3 and then move on to the other two. If they complete all 3, they usually have total control over the listing. Nine times out of ten, they are after the ASINs with good reviews to move over to their bad listing to promote it.

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We have zero control of our images on 2 of our brand registered listings. 1 of the listings has duplicate images as images 1,2, and 3. Can’t change it.

Other one had images drop off and we can’t get them back up. This is something I am working with SAS on. It’s been almost 2 months. No luck

Do you have your products on your own website? If you do, put a link to your website page with those images for the same product into your case. It’s pretty hard for them to say your images aren’t correct when it matches completely with the brands website.

I didn’t have to do it this time but I have done that in the past when the photos weren’t updated. From the response I got from brand registry support, I’m pretty sure this was someone trying to play games with my listing.

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We see it from time to time on brand registered items and non-brand registered items. It’s quite annoying - especially when the new image is a very old, bad quality “photo”. FWIW, we use a service called Bindwise (now part of 3 Colts) to keep track of changes to the product detail pages. We’re working on something inhouse, but for now, Bindwise is our answer.


That’s a good idea. Thanks


Website URLs (and I’ll add UPC’s) are the forgotten part of correcting a hijacked listing … or many other issues where you need the Product Data corrected.

I just resolved a sellers “Duplicate ASIN” violation by using the extra data in the appeal.

Even if they aren’t selling to the public, or distributing, a Brand Owner should have a website they can refer Amazon to!


100% correct. Having a website for my brand has helped out with banking, getting started on other platforms, insurance, working with potential new customers, etc.

In and of itself, a website isn’t going to legitimize your business but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Given the number of hosting sites with templates where you simply fill in your products/information and the low cost of doing so, it’s kind of crazy not to have your own website for any brands that you own.

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Agree! Especially because…

:female_detective: …somebody else is watching your listings, too.

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