Want to Talk About Tough Subjects Without Fighting? Do This First

Jeff Bezos shows up everywhere!
Still a good tip, though :wink:


Psychology LUL…game theory. Best book, whatever I may personally think of psychology is John Gottman’s “The Science of Trust.” - well written with a few flaws. Now that’s a good book on people.



Sorry, unrelated but we were in Inc. in the 1990’s. This goes back to my post tonight about doing a press release for SellersAskSellers.

Fact is stranger than fiction.


Articles like this were not needed when people were taught how to debate.

Debate requires discipline as well as intellectual skill.

A common practice was to require debaters to argue either position in a debate.

They might believe one position was the correct position but often provided a far better argument for the opposing position, than its proponents would provide today.

By age 13, I was taught skills which allowed me to debate political issues in Union Square Park in NYC and in Hyde Park in London.

IMO people who have the ability to debate, and know they are competent are more likely to engage in debate without irrational behavior.

None of my children who went to suburban schools in an affluent community received any training or opportunity to debate. One of the failures of their education.


My 6th grader–currently in an affluent suburban public school–is actually in Debate Club. It’s an after-school extracurricular activity, all three grades (6-8) together.*

She chose it initially only because she was out with covid when they did sign ups for extras, and this was the most appealing of the remaining available options.

And she recently shared that they do indeed require them to argue both sides, which surprised me for their level, but hey, I did quiz bowl (right answers only!), so what do I know about debate? :wink:

She’s prettttttty awesome at it, as a compassionate, intelligent, and eloquent middle child (says her mama). :star_struck:

*My oldest went to a different but similar middle school for the IB program, and it did not have Debate.


Your 6th grader is truly fortunate.

Any school who encourages eloquence is truly in tune with creating people who can succeed

The number of time being articulate, exceeds the advantages of intelligence is higher than one might accept.

And you are entitled to sing her praises, while she is still young enough for you to still want to.

I’ve refocused my paeans to my grandaughter has received straight A’s on her first semester courses in college.


But they got safe spaces…

Nope, they were GenX.


Aside from proper debating skills being taught, common sense has disappeared as has nuance. For me nuance left once text became the official language of humanity. As we said frequently, where is the sarcasm font?

Just look at any “social media challenge” and you see that common sense is totally washed away. YOLO being what it is/was, but you can still YOLO while using some common sense.

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YOLO doesn’t mean “you only live once so keep it short”.
It means “you oughta look out” :laughing: (@ASV_Vites)

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I’m skeptical…

My kids are 50 and above. They were affected by societal aberrations but safe spaces came later.