INR - Amazon A-Z Claims - Lost in Transit

Hi, we have had a couple packages “lost in transit” where we purchased the shipping through Amazon Buy Shipping. The package was scanned at acceptance then fell off the face of the Earth. Normally, when there is an INR claim, but the tracking shows delivered, we direct the customer to file an A-Z Guarantee Claim which doesn’t go against our ODR.

How do you all handle these “lost in transit” packages with Amazon Buy Shipping? Just reimburse the customer? Or have the buyer file the A-Z Claim? Thanks.

Did you ship on time? If you did and because you used Buy Shipping, you should direct the Buyer to open an INR A-to-z claim. They need to wait for 3 days after the last EDD to do this. Amazon should fund the refund, and it should not be held against your metrics. If either of those things go awry, you’ll need to file an appeal.

BUT FIRST…have you checked tracking directly on the carrier site, or made an inquiry? Sometimes, looking for a lost package sorta jogs it out of the void.

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I wanted to add something else. I received an email from Amazon this morning. Below is the disclaimer, rule, asterisk from the email. I’m just wondering if their policy changed because we lost an A-Z Claim a couple months ago where we purchased the shipping via Amazon but the package was lost in transit.

*To be eligible for A-to-z claim protection you must: 1) Purchase the shipping label on Amazon Buy Shipping, 2) Ship on time, which will be considered at the moment of the carrier’s 1st scan, not when you confirm shipment), and 3) Respond to any customer inquiry in Buyer-Seller Messages within 48 hours.

According to policy when using Amazon buy shipping Amazon will cover any issues with delivery.

That doesn’t mean you won’t have to fight Amazon to get them to follow policy


Yes, we checked directly on the USPS site. The package was scanned for acceptance 2 weeks ago and then lost at the origin distribution center. Thanks for your reply.

This is not a change. These are the standard requirements.

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Ok, thank you. Just making sure. Amazon doesn’t follow their own policy sometimes. I’ll start citing those 3 points if I have to appeal.

We had that happen to us back in September.
Amazon covered ours … customer was directed to file A to Z to file after 3 days after Estimated Delivery Date.

If you shipped either USPS Ground Advantage or Priority Mail, you can file a claim with USPS as the package will include $100 dollars insurance. This can be done 15 days after the date the package was first scanned by USPS. It may take USPS up to 7 days to review, but USPS usually pays or the package some how pops up in the system and gets delivered.


We believe there is a template for this here in SAS


Thanks for your reply!