Intellectual Property Violation

Discovered a IPV complaint -Trademark-when checking my inventory.
Have had Suspected Violations but this is 1st IPV. Been selling over 13 years.

1 Nothing in Performance Notifications,

2 No email from Amazon,

3 No complainant given

4 Cannot be edited to remove offending brand as it is now a dog page.

5 Invoices over 365 days - product discontinued.

6 I didn’t create the listing.

So how do I fix this. .

Have option to check

“I understand & acknowledge violation”
then has list of about 6 things I agree to before I submit.
Has anyone done this & did it remove the violation?

Intend to delete from inventory after I address this or should I do it first?

TIA :slightly_smiling_face:

Wouldn’t it be worth your time to at least try to fight it? Send in the old invoice, etc etc? If they deny you, at least you tried first…

True. I did run into the problem years ago re:inauthenticity of product. Sent in but t did no good. But like you said nothing to lose.

My experience with IPVs and SIPVs is that listings have been unable to reinstate.

I stopped trying, and eventually decided Amazon was no longer interested in offering many of the items I wanted to sell.

I am currently selling on another site which is performing better for me than Amazon, requires less effort to make more money than Amazon, and has a higher sell through rate, and no price disadvantages.

If you are not already present on other marketplaces, you should be. If you are dependent solely on Amazon for sales of any item, you should not be.

Even if your catalog page is reinstated, it is likely that will not be permanent.


Has anyone done this & did it remove the violation?

Yes, and yes. It took a short time, like maybe an hour?
But the violation goes away and any points you lost go back to your Account Health.

I thought this was the silliest thing, actually. Because you can go around breaking all the rules you want, and your only punishment if you get caught is the effort it takes to check 6 little boxes. Not much of an incentive to get you to change your ways.

Intend to delete from inventory after I address this or should I do it first?

Do it first. Not sure it matters, but first would be the right choice just in case it does.


@Roxy Thank you so much for this info. Agree it’s way too easy for bad actors but for those who try their best but are not perfect I’m glad it’s an option. :blush:

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Thanks Lake. Very good advice. Currently not that diversified - only 2 other sites but will definitely start trying a few others.

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