Interesting. This guy did his homework.

Sometimes I really wish we could direct the world to a post.

Good Post on Maintaining a Working Account


For the NSFE non-clickers (formatting added):


I’m curious who wrote this.


It’s a good post, especially from a just launched seller with zero feedbacks. :thinking:

ETA: The LLC is registered to person in Pakistan.


Well that is actually hella suspicious.

Now I have theories. :female_detective:


His name is NNtrader.

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My guess is a whatsapp number being leaked soon after some social proof to help others :joy:

There are actually more than a few of these obviously AI-generated replies in that long discussion, and likely to be more before CR closes it down Midnight 17Nov23.

I’m with our friend @Nutty_Nuisance - the pseudo-sycophants quite demonstrably are coming out of the woodwork, from my perspective - and with our friend @Tried_Tested on the likely inspiration of some of these posts:

There’s a reason why the latest ½ of CR’s replies so-predominantly include recognition of the targeted post being the user’s very first contribution to the NSFE…but it remains to be seen whether or not that proves dispositive in helping the FMT-CMT stop the incessant spamming, or - as may well be more likely, dammit - it’s simply more pandering in pursuit of the ‘Engage’ Initiative, as is the discussion itself.


Well, picking up clients on the seller forums is a lot cheaper than an ad campaign

Ladies and gentlemen, it would appear that BINGO! has been called.

Well, no matter their intentions and agenda, it still stands that the recommendations are sound and backed up with Sellers’ experiences. Thanks for sharing @Haegan2005 !

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I will wholeheartedly second that, in both respects, but as most all of us probably know, I’m still skeered of #SkyNetISComing coming to pass.

Still a POS biz model in the sense its similar to course sellers. It’s filled with POS people.

The simple fix is to add an honest caveat/disclaimer that includes more than no liability and claims that results shown are not typical - it is very easy to do and make every sign up read an easy to understand caveat emptor whence joining/selling in those niches.

But do they do it? No.


Well yeah, an honest appeal service would offer a refund if not successful, and reject cases that are beyond hope (which quite honestly, are most cases that are looking for an appeal service).

But turning down all your business instead of selling them a worthless POA doesn’t make money.

I do a bit of Amazon consulting, and a lot of it is avoiding getting suspended. Once you’re actually suspended it’s harder to fix than if you resolve individual issues one by one.

How does a distributor get to be “Amazon Approved?”

Generally-speaking, via the avenue of the IPRO managing to convince Amazon’s OGC that its - the Intellectual Property Rights Owner, not Amazon, no matter the supposed carve-outs embodied in certain clauses of the ASBSA - own ‘whitelisting’/‘goldlisting’ mechanism MUST be honored, in ALL circumstances, or elsewise suffer penalty to the bottom line (Amazon’s, not the IPRO’s).

There’s a reason why so many Amazon Global Catalog ASINs have become gated from the interlopers over the years…and also why that particular tide has sundered so mightily On The River in recent years (well, @ least when the tide ain’t red :shushing_face:).

So… an approved distributor is one that the brand has lawyers threaten Amazon if they don’t accept them?

:woman_facepalming: Oh my goodness…nowhere in (the NSFE post) Your chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card when you share your holiday selling tip did CR_Amazon say that posts for consideration must be replies on that topic–not new topics.

Explains this NSFE topic and several others that have popped up. h/t @bookwormapril

ETA: Poor Veronica_Amazon, trying to corral the AI-generated and/or copy/paste masses back into the giveaway thread, bless it.


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If that’s what it takes (which isn’t particularly uncommon, due to the lower echelons of support typically defaulting to the “non-intervention in disputes” policy).

A case in point may be seen in this NSFE discussion created today:

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Ah, another brand registry discussion. Yes, essentially Amazon enforces selective distribution by allowing brand owners to file false counterfeit complaints.

It should be reporting a seller for selling “used as new” if the brand owner is disallowing warranty for those products. But here we are with the same mess as always.

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