my ASIN is currently under investigation. I’ve already submitted the necessary Plan of Action (POA) and provided all requested information.

In your experience, do you have an idea of how long it might take for a resolution?

In the past, I was able to check some boxes and relist the product, but this time a POA is required for the process. Any insights or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


And I understand that the investigation times may vary.
Please share your experience and let me know how long it took for your investigation to be completed.

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It depends what the ASIN is under investigation for, and how swamped Amazon is. When they roll out a new bot, for example, the number of investigations goes through the roof and lag times ban be in the months for certain cases. Other types of issues at other times can have resolution times in a few days.


@petunic can you please post the message from Amazon that alerted you yo the investigation? That might help Sellers know whether their experience is relevant to your specific situation. Thank you!

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I would rather not include information about the ASIN in the email body.
The email pertains to a single customer complaint where they received a wrong color that doesn’t match the other product they bought from a different seller.

Then this:
"In order to provide the best buying experience to Amazon customers, your listing is temporarily suspended for review.

Please write back with the following checklist which would aid in our investigation and help us reinstate your listing at the earliest:

  •   Images of the product in your inventory (with UPC)
  •   Manufacturer website showing the product along with UPC (or any other product identifier)
  •   Possible reason for the discrepancy
  •   Checked the rest of the inventory to ensure that products meet the size/material requirements specified on the Detail page?
  •   Plan of Action to avoid similar instances in the future. "
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That aspect, in a situation such as that which you’re currently facing, is undoubtedly the most-difficult of the Checklist’s requirements - after all, one can do EVERYTHING correctly and still get entirely-unreasonable & irrational complaints - but I think it’s probably the crucial aspect for achieving a quick resolution.

May I ask if you included reference to a regular regimen of checking the various relatively-opaque glimpses into non-publicly revealed feedback from members of the Buyer Community, such as those revealed by the Voice Of The Customer Dashboard & this or that Return/Reimbursement/Refund/Performance/Traffic Report?

[Updated] I got reinstated. It took 36 hours :+1:t2:



While celebratory congratulations are certainly appropriate for your successful clearing of this irrationate hurdle, I must say that I remain perplexed that 3P Sellers of your long-demonstrated sterling caliber have to jump them @ all, on the merest whim of this or that Amazon Buyer Community response to this and that Satisfaction Survey, while folks who are OBVIOUSLY not on the up-and-up all-too frequently are not.

I’m really curious about how this whole thing happened. Was it just one customer who clicked on the “item not as described” button, and that’s why we had to deal with this hurdle? It’s just baffling to me that one customer’s response can create such a hassle for sellers like us who’ve proven our top-notch performance. It’s like some folks who clearly aren’t playing fair manage to slip through the cracks without facing similar challenges. Any insights on this?