IOSS/VAT Not making sense on Amazon (of course)

I have an order from an EU country and it has the usual IOSS banners at the top of order page. Except this time I noticed something that is very confusing. The proceeds show a VAT total which I always assumed Amazon already collected from the buyer. However this time I noticed a footnote underneath that which says:

" VAT amounts are not final until the shipment is complete."

So the VAT amounts can change? I guess maybe there can be additional tax levied if the courier adjusts the shipping cost. If that’s the case then who pays it? Amazon Buy Shipping is a DDP service so I suppose then the extra VAT will get charged to my account. Do I have this right?


Hi and welcome to SellersAskSellers @Zoneout! I don’t have answers for you but am hoping someone has some insight for you soon.

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Hi and thanks. I am going to assume that the original VAT on the order was paid by the buyer. Then if customs changes the amount the difference gets charged to either the buyer or seller depending on if the shipment is sent DDP or DDU. What I’m going to do is keep my eye on the order detail transactions to check if I am charged any VAT after the item is delivered. We’ll see…