IP / Trademark Appeal - Which option do I choose?

Hey guys;

Had Amazon item B0BKQR4HWG flagged this AM as a Suspected IP Violation. This is for a Playmobil 70666 Naruto set, it is licensed by Playmobil. Listing details show Playmobil as the mfg, which is correct. I am an authorized Playmobil retailer, have an invoice from 2 weeks ago in my name showing that I purchased it from Playmobil, I can show them that it’s licensed via Playmobil’s website, etc. Sasuke vs. Itachi - 70666 | PLAYMOBIL®

I’ve never had one of these before, what is the proper way to frame my appeal?

If I click the “I am authorized by the rights owner to use this brand’s trademark term in the product detail page for my product.” button, it asks for a letter (invoice is not sufficient) from the trademark Holder showing that I am authorized etc (will a letter from Playmobil showing that they’re licensed by Naruto be sufficient?).

Or do I just click “My listing is unrelated to the brand listed in the reason column on the Account Health.” and then type out my appeal, attach the invoice, link to Playmobil’s website, and hope that works?

I just don’t want to go about this incorrectly and risk having my account suspended etc…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Is the IP Playmobil or Naruto?

If it’s Playmobil, you need a LOA from Playmobil saying you’re authorized to use their trademark and sell their products on Amazon.com (preferably backdated to before the violation occurred).

If it’s Naruto, that’s a tough one. They usually mention accepting a trademark licensing agreement. I’ve personally never had experience with submitting a trademark licensing agreement to appeal an IP violation, but my guess is you can attach a copy of Playmobil’s trademark licensing agreement to show they’re authorized to use the Naruto mark, and then provide a LOA from Playmobil showing you’re authorized to sell their products bearing that mark. “Intellectual property chain documentation” if you will.

It says: Trademark Text Misuse Naruto(Naruto)…

Question remains though, which option to pick?..option 2 might be easier if it works…

PS This is just a Suspected IP violation, not a reported one, if that makes a difference. Could have been a Bot that flagged it, etc.

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The problem is your listing IS related to Naruto, it says Naruto on the box and the name says Naruto set.

You can try the unrelated option and explain this is Playmobil’s product, but I do not think that will be accepted.

OK I tried the unrelated option and attached invoice, copy of website with trademark disclosure, will see if it works. Was worth a shot, right? :slight_smile:

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Submitting multiple appeals that get rejected can get you locked out from further appeals, but one denied one usually doesn’t cause an issue. (So if it doesn’t work, don’t keep going down this path).

You should talk to your contact at playmobil about getting that trademark licensing agreement (and any other needed documentation) I mentioned though. If they’re willing to give you that it’s something that will likely take some time to get. Sometimes there’s a time limit for violations before it triggers something (eg. you have 72 hours, or 7 days to respond to something successfully before your listing is removed, or account is suspended).

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Will do. It is showing that this Suspected IP Violation is not having any impact on my Account Health Status, but I want to get it fixed regardless. If this initial appeal doesn’t work, I will supply the documentation from Playmobil, which I’ve already requested. :slight_smile:


Is there a date mentioned anywhere under “No Impact”?

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Nope. See screenshot.

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Oh, but they blocked your listing, that’s a problem.

Sorry, I thought you meant “No action taken” not “No impact.” Sometimes if there’s No action taken there’s a deadline date underneath it where if you don’t submit a valid appeal by then they remove your listing on that date.

Also, if you’re selling other Naruto toys they might get hit with these same violations at some point.

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I removed all my other Naruto listings immediately until this gets sorted out. It’s a small item and loss of sales of that item is not a big deal, I just don’t want my account suspended, especially over something silly like this:)

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Definitely a good play, if you got 20 of these violations that would likely cause an account level problem.


@BennyMac I’m going to tag @oneida_books in case he has any insight, but please keep us updated because he isn’t able to check in every day. (I would insert an age joke but probably too soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::partying_face:)

Moved to Intellectual Property


Ok, update below:

"We understand your concern regarding ASIN B0BKQR4HWG. We will be happy to look into the issue.

Before we get started, we would like to express our deepest sorrow for the trouble this has caused you.

We also acknowledge how significant your issue is, but please don’t worry, we will address it appropriately and get the best possible solution.

In this regard, please be apprised that we removed your listings as your product may not be compliant with Amazon Intellectual Property policies.

We’ve reviewed and found that your product currently has an invalid brand name, [Naruto]. <-----I really don’t think that it does, the Brand Name is listed as Playmobil.

Therefore, we request you to update your product attributes by including the complete or correct brand name.

If you want to continue using the existing brand name, share a letter of authorization or licensing agreement proving that you are authorized by the rights owner to create and list products using [Naruto] trademarked term.

For more information, go to “Letter of Authorization”:
Server Busy

To update your product attributes, follow these steps:

1. Go to “Inventory” and then click “Manage All Inventory.”
2. Click “Edit” next to the product you want to fix. This will open a new window with the product details page.
3. Go the appropriate tab to change the specific product attributes.
4. Edit and click “Save and finish.”

Once you update the product attributes, your product will be active within 24 hours.

If you’re unable to update the product attribute, follow these steps on Seller Central:

1. Go to “Help.”
2. Scroll down and click “Get Support.”
3. Click “Selling on Amazon” and then “Browse for your issue in the menu.”
4. On the “Get Support” page, go to “Products, Listings, or Inventory” and then “Fix a Product Page.”


I am waiting on paperwork from Playmobil. What is best course of action?

  1. Do I remove all mention of Naruto from the listing and see if it passes their screening process? Brand name is showing as PLAYMOBIL, though it does mention NARUTO in the item name, model name, and keyword fields… do I delete all mention of Naruto, or at least suggest that the change be made, as I don’t seem to have ability to directly modify it? (I think when I change it and click Save, it will say something like "if your changes are accepted, the listing will update within 15 mins). Or I can do the “Fix a Product Page” as mentioned at the bottom of their message.

  2. Or do I just wait and upload Letter of Authorization /licensing agreement from Naruto—>Playmobil and Playmobil----->me ?

Case is now showing as Evaluation Completed, No Effect on Account Health Status…


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I would definitely not try to remove references to Naruto to get around their checks, as this is actually a licensed product featuring Naruto (not to mention the box says Naruto on it). If you do that and get caught, it looks really bad as it puts you in the same category as frauds that intentionally misspell/omit brand names to get around listing restrictions.

I would try to get Amazon to accept the paperwork chain showing the products are legal and authorized to use the trademark. If they refuse to accept that then I don’t really know where to go from there as I don’t really deal with licensed products (I’ve only ever submitted direct LOAs). If you could get a letter of authorization directly from the owners of Naruto that would be helpful. I don’t know if they will be willing to issue you the letter though. If you have a good relationship with playmobil maybe they can help you out with that.


Side note: If you had deleted this listing within 24 hrs, the violation would have disappeared. Mine always do.

Not saying that is the best solution, but it gives you some time to think and get your ducks in a row.

This is where Amazon is such an idiot and reminds me of the OSFE thread - Suspected Intellectual Property Violations (HOT WHEELS,DISNEY)

I have no good answer on how to proceed without more info.

Some questions:

  • Is “Naruto” used at the front of the title instead of “Playmobil?”
  • Which brand does the UPC belong to?

Should I try to remove it now? It’s been 28 hours I think since I got the notice…

:arrow_up: This is a great line of investigation @BennyMac. It can help you decide whether to remove “Naruto” or not, or permanently deactivate the listing, or not.

LOL if Amazon was a doctor:

We are so sorry about your painful headache! It’s really inconvenient and frustrating. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’re just going to go ahead and decapitate you while we both investigate the cause and find a solution.


UPC comes back to Playmobil (geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG which is their parent company)


Amazon title: “Playmobil Naruto - Sasuke vs. Itachi”

Brand “Playmobil”

Model Name is “Playmobil Naruto - Sasuke vs. Itachi”

Manufacturer is “Playmobil”

Playmobil website item:

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