Is Amazon glitching again? Been 48 hours with no sales, that never happens.

I know it’s a holiday weekend but I have never seen 48 hours without a single sale before.

I actually checked to make sure my listings were still active.

I have one (potential) sale that has been in Pending for over two days. The funny part is that it is a Business Customer. If a business customer is awaiting credit card verification, then they have problems. :open_mouth:


It is a holiday weekend and the media reported that air travel is up. Also, it is the opening weekend of college football and many people are attending the games or watching on TV. They’re spending their money elsewhere.

Mid August thru September are always a slow time for us …

In good times, our sales EKG looks like a constant gentle wave.
In bad times, our sales EKG looks like we are in A-FIB mode.
In mid August through September, our sales EKG looks like we get random defibrillator hits.

And this is followed by the October holiday Glitchmas season of “we thought it would be a good time to change and update this” just as customers start the holiday online buying season.

We are not seeing 48 hours of no sales but it does seem to flip between feast and famine.


Very unstable for us lately, too.

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Besides the holiday and football, don’t forget that people in several major cities just went through some pretty bad weather, so if you’re getting ready before hand, or recovering after, online shopping may not be a priority.

Things seem normal for me right now (knock on wood) but when I have really bad (like really bad) sales days, it always seems the one thing that sells is something I listed 10 years ago, which is now at the bottom of a stack of boxes, which I only discover after digging through all the other stacks of boxes, and the darn thing only sold for $9 with free shipping. :angry:

I think Amazon take certain segments of their site down for maintenance or whatever at a given time, and when your good-selling segment is down, you’re dead in the water (or limited to selling long-lost $9 items) until it comes back online. That’s probably where you’re at right now.


Or @Thelunatick it’s the good weather. Here in the New England we have had nothing but rain all summer. This weekend is clear and dry for the first weekend I can remember all summer.

I took they day off yesterday, to be outside and not working at our vocation or avocation. Visited a “planned city” nearby and sat out at a picnic table enjoying the weather. And an adult beverage of course.

Drove by a toy (adult) store on the way to the “city” the reader board sign said, “Good thing our toys are waterproof!” The weather has been that bad.

For sales, we are ok, not the best back to school season ever, but ok. Sales to storefronts for products they use to get people in the door have been up. We see that when the economy gets bad.

Yes, we have had sales in the last 48 hours.


I have those frequently.

Most of mine are teachers buying things and the office uses the School System credit card but then the shipping address and the card address don’t verify.

On my other sites I can actually send a message letting them know what the issue (probably) is but we all know that actual communication on Amazon is impossible…

That may be the case with my book order but we’ll see. Purchasing cards for schools and universities often get compromised so the card gets shut down and they have to wait for a new one to be issued. This order is now three days in Pending. I’m not expecting anything to be resolved until after Labor Day.

On the positive side, I received a different order today that did go through. Tuesday will be busy.

Amazon sales for the last several days have been normal here.

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Never really bounced back since re-verification. It seems like Amazon hit the reset button and I am starting out making the sales I made as a “newbie”. I have to use ebay to even things out.

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That is interesting because that is where I am now. My last payout was just a little more than my 1st ever.

My sales have been all over the place. Some days, it’s as low as last year when I was brand new. Some days, it’s much better. It feels like a rollercoaster.