Is anyone else seeing a slew of POSITIVE shipping adjustments today?

I’m used to the regular shipping adjustment nonsense/monkey business that is Amazon, the deductions.

However, today I have noticed a LOT of POSITIVE, aka reimbursements, from “Shipping services purchased through Amazon - Adjustment”.

I’ve seen a few of these hit before, only to have another adjustment a day later erase the amount altogether again, but I have never seen it in this quantity.

Just today, I have 37 adjustments. Some are mere cents, some are a few dollars, but I have a LOT of $11-$12 “refunds”.

I am just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same thing today?


No adjustments … but we did purchase a label 9 hours ago that hasn’t posted in payments yet …

Amazon is most likely working on Buy Shipping for the USPS July changes that will become effective this up coming Sunday July 14, 2024.

This is what we would expect especially if you can not justify the reasoning behind such adjustments.


As a follow up …

Today we processed an order needing a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope. We were using Amazon Buy Shipping through the Bulk Shipping method. When we purchased the label, the cost showing at purchasing was $8.18. However, the cost shown on the order details page shows $7.99 and the payment page shows the charge for $7.99.

Since other USPS label providers have already declared their increases with their contract commercial contracts with USPS on July 1, 2024, we would think that Amazon received the same increase and is in the process of updating their system. Because USPS has their general update of pricing happening this weekend Sunday July 14, 2024, we think Amazon will have their update happen at this time.

Knowing Amazon, this will most likely produce adjustments for any labels bought between July 1, 2024 and July 13, 2024 that are involved in any of the increases Amazon needs to adjust with their new pricing.

We will be tracking any USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes that we purchase during this two week period as we expect an adjustment of $0.19 will follow within a month or two.


So I do occasionally see positive adjustments but they don’t make sense. Like your screenshot, a lot of them are for under a dime…and there is no adjustment that could result in that little of a refund.

Assuming you ship USPS, let’s say you underweigh a first class package…it’s like a $0.40 difference between “levels”. I also doubt there is any type of UPS or Fedex adjustment that would result in such a small difference.

Where exactly are they getting these positive adjustments from…rather, why they are overcharging us in the first place for whatever these are?


We haven’t had any recent adjustments, but in the past those small adjustments - always USPS -were due to Amazon charging for the incorrect Zone. e.g. charging the rate for Zone 5 when it was really Zone 6.

Appealing those was worse than repeatedly slamming one’s head into a brick wall. Silly us - we thought Amazon should be responsible for their mistake.


Double Triple Quadruple Ditto :arrow_heading_up: :arrow_heading_up: :arrow_heading_up:


@RandomSeller136 did these “stick” so far?

So far, I have not seen the mass exodus of “reversals”, I actually got 2 more $12.38 “adjustment” refunds between then and today.

Fun fact: EVERY single one of the $11-$12 ones were from RETURNS, not from plain items sold. That is quite interesting.

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Here is an example of what one looks like:

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Yeah, I’ve literally never had one of these small overcharges on any site or postage provider website except for Amazon.

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