Is "Lead Free" prohibited in a product title?

I am listed on an ASIN that I did not create for an item that I am authorized to sell by the manufacturer/brand owner. The manufacturer does not sell retail or participate in ecommerce.

The item is now “Search Suppressed” and the issue description states:

The Product Name has following prohibited phrase(s) Lead Free, which are not compliant with Amazon policy and should be removed from the Product Name.

You are not authorized to fix this issue. A contribution from the brand owner or an authorized reseller is required to resolve this issue and activate the ASIN. If you are the brand owner or an authorized reseller for this brand, please apply for the appropriate role for this brand in Amazon Brand Registry.

Is Lead Free a prohibited phrase in a product title?

I don’t even know who has control of this ASIN, but I assume it is another seller that purchases from the manufacturer.

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Yup. Have had listings suspended several times for fishing weights.

It is prohibited. This is more appropriate for bullet points or product description.

Interesting. I didn’t make the listing and I can’t change it, but it’s still good to know.


The word FREE , no matter what it is associated with, is a NO NO.

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I thought of that, but I think it is the “lead free” more than the “free” since that is mentioned specifically in the issue description.

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