Is there a way to Opt out of the "Discount Provided by Amazon" ?

Have had my second MAPP violation due to Amazon providing coupons on items, first one the Mfg didn’t care about, second one they are discussing. If this is going to be a continuing problem, I need to find a way to opt out of the program, which theoretically can be done, though I can’t figure out how anywhere.

Thoughts anyone?

The last I heard, no, and I hear you about MAP violations.

In your defense, you aren’t offering the discount, Amazon is, but getting your supplier to understand that might be difficult.


Ugh, several articles on Google said it could be done as an “all or nothing” account-wide preference, but I don’t see it anywhere in any of my Amazon settings. I’m going to see what the Mfg says and I’ll open a support ticket if I need to.

Yeah I know it isn’t an option you can toggle on/off, If it can be disabled at all, seller support has to do it (ugh)

So the only way to get it off is go kiss some frogs :frog: and hope for a prince :prince:.



Read your MAP clause carefully, generally a coupon for x% or $x off isn’t a violation, so long as the offer price (or MSRP) isn’t advertised on the actual coupon. Remember that MAP can’t stop you from selling below MAP or it violates price fixing, and market collusion laws. All MAP can do is put a floor in place on published or advertised sale price. So unless a coupon says buy Product A for $x.xx with this coupon. There shouldn’t be an issue.

Disclaimer: Not a lawyer. This should not be considered to be actual legal advice. For actual legal advice you should always consult a real lawyer.


You can also increase the price enough to avoid getting the discount. However, that might make sales plummet if everyone else is selling at (Amazon’s discounted) MAP.

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