Is there a way to provide feedback on a case?

I’d like to provide positive feedback for a Walmart rep who finally knew the answer to my question, after dealing with 6 or 7 who didn’t.

But I can’t figure out how. I keep getting emails that say - Walmart Seller Support resolved case # xxxxxx. Please provide your feedback.

But then there is no link or any way to actually provide feedback. The only option is to re-open the case and add additional comments.

Am I missing something obvious? When I view the case on Walmart, it says ‘You will have the opportunity to reply or comment on the case within 5 days before it is considered closed.’ but the only option I have is to reopen the case. Am I supposed to “re-open” it to provide feedback on the agent? That doesn’t make any sense.

BUMP for any links

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When someone goes above and beyond, I will often call the executive office of the company. Now I will never get to talk to Mr. Wally, or any other executive. Except once. (Now I have to tell that story, in just a moment.)

If they can provide an email, I will send something nice about the interaction in writing. I would even send snail mail, but that appears to be a thing of the past.

You never know, give it a try, I bet they fall on the floor. Most people that call are not happy.

So the story…

Years ago, I think it was 1992 or so we made some slides for an AT&T executive. At the time, we did all net 30. Well he never paid us.

So my partner known for having a strong personality, kept calling the main office, and was greeted with press XX for this and YY for that.

She banged on the phone with her fist and a “Hello, who is this?” came from the other side.

Well she read him the riot act. He simply said, “I am sure when they hear from me this will be taken care of.” She responded, “Sure it will, that is a load of crap.” or something like that.

It was late in the day, the next morning at the start of the business day the phone rings. It was the original customer, “Why did you do that! Why did you call the CEO of AT&T (on his private line) on this issue!!!” She explained, what happened and that was not the intent. We were paid.

To this day she does not know the number she banged into the phone. A good thing I think.

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I honestly don’t remember?

Hey Walmart Sellers, does anyone have any insight into @Roxy’s lack of links here? Or alternative means for providing feedback?

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That’s the only way I remember too – is via links I think

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And they just made me mad…and yes I think there was a link. I was away from my laptop when I got the “denied” email…so I didn’t clink on any links from my phone.

Never opened a case on Walmart. Guess Amazon has trained me well. Got tired of kissing frogs and never getting a prince. I figure Walmart is the same, though @Roxy did provide a glimmer of hope, after 6 or 7 frogs she got a prince.

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I never did find a way to initiate feedback on a case on Walmart… only to respond with feedback if Walmart sends me a request for it with a link.

Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Bummer. :frowning:

Unfortunately, I didn’t get one on the case where I wanted to compliment the agent.

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Sad, :disappointed_relieved: while we can all provide constructive criticism, it is nice when you get a chance to compliment someone.

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