Is there anyone who can walk me through printing FNSKU barcode labels (on a roll) on my thermal printer?

Just what the title says. We have been printing 30 up labels on a laser printer and I want to change to a roll of barcode labels on my thermal printer. Not sure where to start as I saved sheets of PDF labels when we first started 8 years ago and just print them now. Can I do this without creating a shipment?


Yes, you can print without creating a shipment.

  1. On the Manage Inventory page, click on the box of and FBA item (box is to the left of the image).

  2. At the top, click on the drop down list to “print item labels.”

  3. Choose the format (thermal printing), size, and number of labels.

  4. Click on print item labels.

  5. The PDF downloads. Open it up to print. Choose your printer and then print.

I think some people have plugins or whatever. I don’t. This works for me.

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Thanks! I knew the option was there somewhere but I didn’t remember where it was and with the changes since 2015 I couldn’t find it. I just printed a bunch out and they are much darker than my laser images. Checked scan and they scan great. Appreciate the help.



Just another tip, for a few products, not many since we use full color tradedress for most items, we use the thermal printer.

We use Photoshop, but if you can make a PDF that works too.

You can include other info on the label (we use 4x6 labels) we do this to provide detail on the product and include the FNSKU on the same label.

I never considered doing this - and I recently tossed a bunch of 2x3" labels.

I add other info on separate 2x1 labels.

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Adjust size to match label.


Thanks. That’s exactly the size I used. They only print from Acrobat Pro, but that’s fine for me, at least it works and they scan. Appreciate the info.