Item lost in transit, tell customer to file A-to-Z?

I used Amazon buy shipping and shipped and scanned on time Fri Dec 1.

|Ship by:|Fri, Dec 1, 2023|

|Deliver by:|Tue, Dec 5, 2023 to Thurs, Dec 7, 2023|

Was last scanned as " out for delivery" with UPS on Tuesday the 5th, and thats it.

Customer emailed and requested refund. Do I just tell him to file an A to Z to get it?

I can’t even get UPS to open a trace on the package because it was purchased thru Amazon…

Just wanna make sure I am protected on this one:)

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Yes … and since it is past the last delivery by date (Dec 7, 2023), there should be no need to wait the 48 hours after contacting you. However, Amazon being Amazon … the 48 hours wait may still be in play. You may want to reply telling him that this is covered under the Amazon A to Z policy and that he should file the claim with Amazon after waiting 48 hours from contacting you (we would give the customer a date to do the filing that is 48 hours later than their email … keeps it simple for them to understand).

You might find one of the templates here useful


Got it, thank you!


He filed A2Z as I instructed him to, it is “pending” now…should I wait for it to be decided or pro-actively send Amazon a message to cover this under Buy Shipping for us?

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Wait … if they grant it but charge it to you, then we will appeal it. We have an appeal template that makes it easy.