It's About Time - FBA returns straight to the trash if you want (BETA)

Received this today. You better believe we are opting out of evaluation… Anything that comes back to FBA after it has been shuffled around the globe should go in the trash. A write off we are happy to take to avoid issues with customers receiving stuff that isn’t in the shape it should be for one reason or another.


You now have more control over your inventory through the option to disable the evaluation of customer-returned items. This feature, currently in beta, is available by invitation only.

By default, Amazon evaluates returns to determine whether they’re in sellable condition. If an item is evaluated as sellable, it’s moved back into your available inventory for customers to buy.

When you disable evaluation of returns, customer-returned items will automatically be marked as unfulfillable without being evaluated. You can choose to keep returns evaluation enabled for ASINs that you specify.

To disable returns evaluation, go to “FBA inventory evaluation settings” (Amazon Sign-In) and click “Disabled.”

For more information, go to:

“FBA inventory evaluation settings”

“Terms and conditions for disabling returns evaluation”

The Fulfillment by Amazon team


I raced over to turn that off so fast I almost burned my hand - haha! FINALLY they do something worthwhile. So, so happy about this.


Bless your heart that you think Amazon will actually somehow make this work right. LOL

It’s pretty cool that you can exclude certain listings you want to be evaluated while excluding everything else.

Hope it works right, just a little jaded by all the BS we all deal with on a daily basis with nothing working as designed.


:laughing: :rofl: Oh I know - but at least it’s a start! I sell prints and oy, the way they come back is just gross. I want them tossed immediately upon return!


It’s about time! I’ve been here for almost 7 years, and that was a long standing request even then, and you would think one that was easy to implement. Hopefully this will be available to us all soon (since based on recent feedback, Amazon thinks that having the cover torn half-off of a “Very Good” book is not reason to call it “unfulfillable”.)


Well we sell supplements as you probably know and imagine a person getting something that has been opened because Billy at FBA didn’t see the return had been opened.

Funny thing is that returns are no longer allowed in our category unfortunately which is BS because all that does is lead to negative reviews for the people who are used to Amazon’s no questions asked return policy.

When they see they can’t return the product, they assume the merchant blocked the return and lash out like there’s no tomorrow…

Amazon should give sellers the option to allow returns for categories they now block and let the buyers toss the product. It’s worth a test. I know it will be abused by the abusers out there but the vast majority of people are good people.

We want to stand by our products and Amazon won’t let us.

Going back to the Billy issue. We once battled a Used sold as New claim (mind you, you can’t list a supplement as used of course), because of returns, when they were allowed, ending up back on the shelf.

Found a customer comment in the FBA return screen that noted they tried the product and didn’t like it. Note right next to it from Amazon “RETURNED TO INVENTORY”.

We used that as evidence to get that violation overturned.


You release Amazon, the carrier, and the buyer from claims due to damages caused by Amazon, the carrier, and the buyer.

:star_struck: That is so precious…

I can’t figure out what the nominal fee for “Disabling the “Returned item evaluation” setting” is but I’m sure Amazon wouldn’t do it for nothing.

There’s a fee associated with this disabling? What? Didn’t see that.

How could there be a fee for doing LESS WORK?

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I didn’t either, but there has to be…
Waste Management’s services are not free…


I bet they are going to shuffle more returns back to sellers so they can make money on the reverse logistics costs. Expect to see perfectly good unopened/undamaged inventory sent back at your expense.

Not us. Amazon doesn’t allow our stuff to be returned anymore. I’m just hoping this accounts for undeliverable stuff too. I want all of that in the trash also.

Very low COG’s. Rather lose that $ and satisfy the consumer.

Anything Amazon throws out, gets written off. It’s fine.


All the returns I get have been opened and the items stuffed back in a relatively nice way with all the tags still attached.

Only one time did I get a competitors product sent back to me “by mistake”. :rofl:

I get what you are suggesting and wouldn’t put that one past these shysters as they continue to look for ways to shore up their revenue with questionable business practices.


I already see that and have for years. Still new product except for the damage of an un-removeable LPN label destroying the packaging. And the false return reason is defective.


I guess it is in beta since I don’t see it :frowning:


It is. Had that in the title of this thread. :wink:

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Handmade sellers have been begging for this option for years, pretty much since the launch. For a while, we even had a “beta” program, which was discontinued. I hope that handmade will be included in this program soon.


I am handmade and received the email - so fingers crossed it rolls out to everyone soon!


I have set my settings to “don’t refurbish” Send everything back to me all along.
Most of the time it is simply that the poly bag got ripped. Fine with me, I do not need Amazon deciding to put a new bag and sticking on because they didn’t notice that the instruction sheet is missing.
AND about 1/3rd of the returns I’ve actually gotten back, were not even my own product so I really don’t need Amazon shipping those out to people as my product.
Also, most of my products, if the are actually damaged, I can often re-work them into one of my other variations OR just put into use on the farm rather than sending to a landfill.
So, I’m all for joining this option to have them just send all returns back to me so that I may evaluate them.


Did anyone else get this feature/invite in the last 30 days?