Just got this completely useless email from Amazon


We continually audit our store to ensure that ASINs are in the correct fee category, as shown in the fee category guidelines. We have identified that at least one of your ASINs may be affected and will undergo a fee category change on May 4, 2023.

We have not updated any fee rates as part of this audit. Starting May 4, 2023, you may notice your fee rates align to the correct fee category for your ASIN, and the Revenue Calculator will show any corrected fee rates.

Our fee category guidelines allow you to quickly determine the correct fee category for any product. These fee categories are applicable to all fee types that use fee categories in their fee calculation. Fee types that may use fee categories in their calculation include, but are not limited to, referral fees, closing fees, FBA fulfillment fees, and FBA returns processing fees.

Fee category guidelines:
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Revenue Calculator:
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For issues related to fee categorization, contact Selling Partner Support:
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The Amazon Services team

What am I supposed to do with this? They don’t even tell me what ASINs are impacted.

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I received the email this morning.

I set a calendar reminder to download the Category Listings Report on May 9th.
This way Amazon will have a few backend cycle refreshes before I start reviewing the updated ASIN’s categories on the following Tuesday.

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Looks like this was a bulk email to all sellers. Hence the lack of useful information, I suppose. What a waste of time.

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I think there was a notice recently that they were changing fees in some categories. This email was poorly worded if their change is the trigger.


The email specifically says they are auditing ASINs to ensure they are in the correct fee category, and that individual ASINs will undergo fee category changes. It doesn’t sound like a general category fee change.


That is why I said poorly worded if it refers to their fee change, because it doesn’t sound like that is what it is. But it may be. I can’t look for the announcement I am vaguely remembering right now, I’m dealing with a false violation problem. None of the categories affected me so I did not bookmark it.

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The email is worded oddly or poorly.


  1. Amazon is going to move some ASIN’s to different categories on May 4th.
  2. Check your listings after May 4th to make sure you agree with the new category if changed.
  3. If you do not agree with the new category, contact Seller Support.
  4. If changed, the new category may have a different rate than the previous category (as categories may have different rates)

Has Amazon ever sent a useful email or responded in a useful manner?

Have they ever provided ASIN numbers when warning you about something or expected you to be psychic?


When SKUs are suspected pesticides, medical or adult products, suspected IP infringement, etc. Amazon generally tells me what SKUs or ASINs will be impacted. In this case, it’s just “Stuff will happen. You should check into that. Peace.”

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My suspicion is the changes have not occurred and some sellers have been raising issues seeking reductions in fees which are not part of this initiative.

The fee changed seemed to complex to be handled by bot, and I suspect they audited a large sample of listings to determine how to build a complex bot to handle this.

This is probably a heads up that you may find unhappiness on May 4, and this is the reason.

Categories are not changing. Some items in some categories will be charged the fees which apply to the same item when listed in another category. There are many items which can be validly listed in more than one categories, and some sellers chose the cheaper category.

What one man sees as prudent category management, Amazon sees as fee avoidance.

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“Stuff will happen. You should check into that. Peace.”

:laughing: :laughing:

This statement could cover about 90% of what Amazon does. :roll_eyes:


What one man sees as prudent category management, Amazon sees as a REVENUE GRAB.

Last year in June/July my fees on 500+ items increase from 8% to 15%.
The product was properly classified 5+ years ago. But when I did an investigation, found that the category was moved to a different Major Class.

In my case, there was NO email, NO notification.

Result - Product price increased


Not so bad if your sales and profit were not hurt.

Amazon is your landlord, not your friend or partner.


Amazon says they ARE your partner kinda

They want you to think that your landlord is your partner.

Amazon could tell me they’re my BFF or guardian angel, but that doesn’t make it so.


If you had a store in a B&M mall, your landlord might say he is your partner too.

He sets your hours, limits the types of item you can sell, and may take a percentage of your gross sales, as well as a monthly rent.

I see no advantage to thinking of your landlord as your partner. Since he is only your partner to make you act in his interest.


@Roxy - got it right. Nail meet wrecking ball. There is no point in getting worried about it, because it’s out of your hands. Even if it screws you up the chances of you resolving any issues in a timely manner are slim to none. Focus on the things you can control. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years. I’m nearly four years younger than my wife and my child just said to me this morning, “Why do you look so much older than Mom” I used to get worked up over this stuff. It will wear you down hard.

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Amen. We try to do a workaround, that does not require us to contact Amazon. Then if that does not work we delete the item from our offerings.

This I am sure “Delights” the Amazon Customer.


and a nice little hint as you age
“damn I ALWAYS want my wife to look younger !!”