Keywords moved from 250 characters to 500...???

Saw this on “Seller News” - I don’t follow this guru.

Not sure what it means.


This is a result of the consolidation of the keyword attributes …

The following keyword attributes are N/A (being phased out):

  • specific_uses_keywords
  • thesaurus_attribute_keywords
  • platinum_keywords
  • target_audience_keywords

This is part of the revamp of all attributes in the Manage Inventory Edit pages and the excel category specific templates. Amazon has slowly been removing them from both. We reported it happening to our items about a year ago.

Different categories will see different attributes when it comes to the keyword attributes and the respective category.

Our listings do not have Generic Keywords and only has Search Terms

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 16-12-57 Amazon

Keyword attributes explained shows the following …

Length Limits

Search Terms (generic_keywords) should be less than 250 bytes long (read more). If it exceeds the limit, the attribute is completely ignored by Amazon Search.

For other length limits in the table above, if limit exceeds, Amazon Search indexes up until the length limit and ignores any excess.

We would also suggest reviewing Use search terms effectively


That’s hot stuff… I didn’t know you aren’t allowed to use your brand name.




So are you implying that our keywords are essentially pointless and being suppressed because the brand name is in there???


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The bigger the player … the more Amazon responds in favor ??? …
So … for the average seller, this could be an issue. Big seller accounts maybe not. :man_shrugging:

We never had ours in there but did in advertising at one point (until we stumbled across that you shouldn’t do that there either).

Since we are a minnow is a sea of sharks, we tend to avoid things that could cause us issues.


Well, regardless, I think I’m going to remove it and perhaps expand out KW’s with the higher limit in mind.

With that said, I have this thing about never touching listings after they have been successfully created and doing well.

The vast majority of our listings have never been touched.


Ours have been “touched” more by Amazon then by us …
Mostly because of this attribute revamp this past year and because the bots seem to think certain attributes apply when they don’t.


Yea, Amazon keeps changing the primary (invisible to us) category, causing us to lose our climate friendly badges.

Just happened again yesterday. Waiting for SAS to fix it, which they will.

First time for this particular listing. It’s always and only happened to the best seller in the brand prior to yesterday.