Listing Help- Variations

What is one supposed to do when the retards at Amazon require one to delete and relist an ASIN, and a variation is separated from the parent and the product type on the template no longer matches the data field and keeps getting 8541 and 8016 despite being perfect 20 minutes ago?

F you Amazon, and your f’d up templates and making changes to ■■■■ on the back end we cannot see.


Kinda offensive for some but yes it is messed up when Amazon makes these changes without considering the victim.


@VTR I don’t think there is anything that can be done. If I understood you correctly, the asin has to be updated with the current listing fields and that would be mean just using a new parent and then fixing the field descriptions with whatever is current on both child listings.

If I got you correctly a few of the current fields are different on each tab of the listing from before and there is nothing that can be done. As far as search is concerned, as long as the main child is the highly ranking it shouldn’t matter much how the new variations are listed as long as they are part of the new parent child variation.

Besides the pain of it all, it shouldn’t affect rank, which I gather is the more crucial concern.


The core issue is that the back end of Amazon has one attribute but the template of the parent has a different attribute so getting the child back in as a variation cannot be done due to 8541 constantly popping up.


Is this error due to using an upload file template for variations?
We always created them via Manage Inventory.

Dogtamer seemed to recommend waiting 72 hours (min 48) after deleting an ASIN before relisting.
This gives the catalog 3 cycles to update the backend before re-creating the ASIN again.


So first we had stranded inventory not tied to a sku, so we were told to delete and relist. So we did that after 24 hours. Now the item is split from its parent, but the inventory is aligned again. So we tried to use the wizard and got the “child belongs to X category and parent belongs to Y category.” so I deleted again did a file upload and get the same message.

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@VTR This might be your best option though. Create a new parent and manually add the kids in that way. Pain in the ■■■ and backwards, but I’ve had to do that for children that became emancipated.

Now if that spits out a problem, then you may have to get SS involved.


Unfortunately, I can’t because Amazon will not allow you to make a parent and child relationship outside of the same category with any tool. I have a case pending trying to get them to change the category back on single the abandoned child. The other 7 children are in a different category.

I find it frustrating when un-support provides the ‘delete and relist’ response.

I stopped following that advice. If possible, I wait 1 week for the case to auto close then open a new case with the goal of getting a different response from Amazon.

Sometimes, the issue cannot wait. Sometimes, it can. But deleting and waiting 72 hours is sometimes not worth fixing an error. I have a spelling error that support claims can only be fixed by delete/relist. I am just living with the Uppercase/Lowercase typo in the brand name.

(another employee and my boss handle variations. I rarely am involved with them.)


I agree but we were stuck between a rock and a hard place where we could not replenish inventory till the stranded issue goes away and removal was not an option, with no guarantee to get a stranded resolution.

A co-worker also noted this is one item were we did not have an FBM active when we did this which would probably have held the data in place.