Listing pulled because the Manufacturer field is empty, but I can't change it.

Someone (I have no idea who) listed an item and left some of the information blank, such as Manufacturer and Brand Name. My company joined the listing in 2017 and nobody did any effort to fix or improve the listing.

Amazon has now removed the details page for IP issues related to the Manufacturer and Brand. Normally, when these fields are blank, I can resolve the issue by simply filling them in with the correct information. The UPC and other information all matches, and the listing is reactivated in a few hours.

However, this time Amazon won’t let me change the field because it conflicts with the existing information. The existing missing information.

Any idea how to resolve this nonsense?


Are your attempts to fix through online interface or through file upload?

I ask only to better direct others (I have nothing to offer)

I cannot even get a main image to upload because it does not look like the generic place-holder image Amazon put there ages ago.

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Online interface = fail.
File upload = fail, but I can’t say for certain that’s not because I did it wrong :hot_face:

Try: Request a Product Detail Page Change

Also, exactly how did the upload fail? What was the message?


If I remember correctly “error code 5995”

I’ve never seen error code 5995. Was it perhaps 5665?

Error code 5665 is related to Branded products and means that Amazon wants proof that you are the Brand owner.

Here is a video tutorial that may offer some assistance→ Resolve error 5665

I can doublecheck tomorrow, but I’m fairly sure it was 5995.


Someone on the old OSFE mentioned typing in a “space” in the field box and no words or anything else. See if that works.


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5995 exists. It’s not the most common, but there are multiple posts about it, none with a solution worth sharing.
Obviously Amazon’s error list doesn’t even list it.

The closest thing to a solution I could find was on the UK forum, where the idiot on duty helpful moderator asked for a case number.


where the idiot on duty helpful moderator

Did we learn nothing from our forum suspension? :laughing: We * must * not * call the Moderators names. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It’s helpful to learn swear words in different languages.

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I found this response from Seller Support posted by Diane 🠮 Error Code 5995


This will shock you, so be sure to sit down before reading the rest of this post.

Are you sitting?

Here goes…

That post from Seller Support was useless in its entirety. As Diane noted at the end of that post, that response from Seller Support was a cut and paste job from someone who doesn’t know anything about the problem.

Error 5995

“You may not change the brand name on this ASIN. Use the brand name currently shown on the ASIN detail page. If you believe you are using the correct brand name, contact Selling Partner Support and mention the error code 5995.”

That would be the correct error. Even if left blank you can’t change the “Brand” field.

As I mentioned above > Try: Request a Product Detail Page Change

Otherwise you’ll have to get the Catalog Team to fix it. For that provide:

  • Open a case
  • Proof that the UPC belongs to the brand
  • Images of the UPC on the product
  • When they deny it, reopen it and ask to escalate
  • Repeat until they do

ETA - 5665 is just when the brand name isn’t registered by Amazon


Trying this next.


Including the URL to the manufacturer’s webpage linked to the item would also be beneficial when reaching out to SS.

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