Looking for recommendations for FBA barcode applicators / automation

Hi folks,

I’m looking for recommendations to automate the process of applying barcodes to our FBA products. We let Amazon do the barcoding most of the time (especially for SnL products, given the lower cost), but I’d like to start barcoding most of our products in-house. Our current process is very manual, and I’d like to switch to something more efficient. We tried this label applicator last year, but it didn’t go very well:


The barcode rolls got stuck or came out of the applicator very often, which ultimately rendered it unusable. I’ve also thought of purchasing automatic label dispensers, such as this one from ULine:

The drawbacks of these machines are twofold: they are a much more expensive solution, and we normally have to apply 2 labels (one for the barcode and saying “Do not separate” for bundles), while a machine like this can only dispense one at a time.

Any suggestions are welcome!


Consider a Label printer. I use to have 5 fairly high end label printers from Zebra. Yes expensive (well in the past they were), but maybe now far more reasonable, as this was 10 years ago before my business burn down.

They were all connected to a computer, that stored all the templates (you create), and data. Simply pick the one you need, the quantity and print.

These printer come with sensors, so that they print ONE at time, and the label backing spools back onto another spool core in the machine. The label itself separates from the backing for easy removal. Once removed, the printer spits out another for removal.


Have you considered using a diode laser? They are getting very inexpensive.


Printing is not a problem; what I’m trying to do is applying those printed barcodes more efficiently to thousands of FBA units.


Never heard of those…

There is no easy answer here.

You probably covered this before you asked this, but here are my ideas.

  1. Ask the manufacturer to do it
  2. Co-mingle
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You can buy them on Amazon for around $200 (They are often called wood lasers). They use a diode instead of gas or filament. Once you played around with the settings you could in etch/burn the barcodes on a box in one or two seconds.



We started using these from Tach-It
It easily fits our FNSKU Dymo 30334 labels
We also use them for ‘sold as set’, suffocation labels, open & scan, etc.

Then we were doing hundreds of products and tried out these label applicators (also from Tach-It):

I was anxious to spend $100 on one. We tried it out had it has a learning curve. We just loaded it with blank labels and went to down figuring out how to make it work for us. Everyone contributed and we figured out how to make it work for us. Since then we’ve purchased 6-8 more. We love these. Makes applying hundreds of labels much faster. Occasionally we’ll have a bunched up label, but it’s not a big deal.


@Gandalf any update?

I purchased this automatic dispenser:


Seems to work pretty well and it’s smaller than it looks. New thermal printer and labels are on the way; I think this is going to make applying labels to our products much smoother.